Friday, February 19, 2016

Color Play Friday - Skywalker

Howdy Hon,

Before you start getting too excited, this is not about Star Wars in any way, shape or form.  Just didn't want to have you getting all hung up on Luke.  But this is about a jolly sweet guy.  Welcome to Color Play Friday !  Thanks to Lorinda and Trina we get to continue the fun of playing with colors and fabrics, without playing with our bank accounts.  You can learn more about Color Play Friday  by contacting them at Laurel, Poppy and Pine or In An Otter Life.  If you'd be interesting in joining along or just want to know how we do it each week AND see next week's photo check out Lorinda or Trina's blog.  By the way, we'd love to have you join us!

So what Skywalker am I referring to, why the horse, of course.  Teehee.  Lorinda met this sweet boy while in Eastern Washington.  The story is Skywalker was picking some beautiful red delicious apples.  He remembers the day being just perfect, not too hot outside and a beautiful sky above that appeared magically white at the moment.  Out of nowhere, his neighbors, Lorinda and the family, came over and started picking all the good apples and left poor Skywalker with all the rejects.  At least that's the way he tells it when I spoke to him earlier this week about his handsome profile shot.  You could clearly see Lorinda taking a perfectly good apple right from his mouth in the original photo.  Per Skywalker, this picture was photo shopped (sp?), he was not happy in the original photo.  He's sure Lorinda will disagree.  LOL, I know, this is what lack of sleep and running at full speed for over 30 hours will do to you.  If you believe that one I have a bridge I'd like to sale you.  Forgive me Lorinda.  <<wicked little grin>>

This is a sweet guy and he helped to create a very interesting picture for this week.  I decided I wanted to look for colors instead of going with the colors that immediately popped out at me.  Let's see how that worked out.  For me one of the beauties of  
Color Play Friday is to play with color and try to see what I normally would not see if I had to actually choose the palette and buy the bundle.  It's also learning to balance color, I'm so off on that.  But as I've said, I tend to pick what I like and what I like together.  As long as the palette inspires some type of emotion in me, I have to go with it.  Even if it breaks the rules.  Yep, I'm a rebel baby, a Fabric Rebel.  Oh my gosh, I really need some sleep.

I present you this week's Color Play Friday - Skywalker, the horse who has the force with him, teehee.  Okay, I'm done, I'm going to get serious now.  This week I decided to use the story as told by Mr. Skywalker himself to help me discover my palette.  Then, I decided that since every fabric I migrate towards in a quilt shop happens to be from Moda Fabrics, I was going to play with another fabric company who's winning my heart these days.  I know that was a long sentence.  Feel free to correct it, I'm too tired.  Who is it?  It's Michael Miller Fabrics!  Funny thing, I read that he used to be under Moda.  Anyway, I absolutely love his fabrics.  I love some of his designers more than others, but as a whole I'm really drawn to them.  Soooooo, all my fabrics this week are coming from Michael Miller Fabrics.  Kinda my little Valentin's for the month.   

 Here's the picture of our star, my palette, and bundle: 

You can check out all these wonderful fabrics at the following links (psssst, of just go to Michael Millers site and check out everything.  That's what I did!)

WEE WANDER by Sarah Jane



SEA HOLLY by Sarah Campbell


BIRDS & THE BEES Collection by Tamara Kate

Of course I have to include a backing fabric.  I choose something I think our sweet boy would like, because in my mind the quilt would be for him.  

wait for it, 

wait for it, 


Rolling on the floor laughing out loud.  Don't you just love that, don't you just love him (I was referring to Skywalker just now, but you could easily love Michael Miller Fabrics to).  Ahhh, I told you I needed some sleep.  

You can see my past palette's and bundles here at this tab on the blog.  There are
7 participants this week, please take a moment to get check out each palette and fabric bundle.  It's so fun to see how we each interpret the picture with our palettes.  We each tell our own story, it's sooooo cool.  If you are on Instagram you can also look for us with the hashtag: #ColorPlayFriday.  

This week's participants are:

Steph @ Shimmy and More (thanks for stopping by)
Lorinda @ Laurel, Poppy and Pine
Trina @ In An Otter Life
Mindy @ Quilting Mayhem
Sarah @
Yvonne @ That's Sew Creative
Bethany @ Sew Not Perfect

Well that's it hon, thanks for stopping by and hope to see you soon!

Love and Shimmies, 


  1. Steph, you for real crack me up! I absolutely wove that backing fabric and might have to look for it myself. Skywalker the horse with the Force told me that he agrees.

    1. Hi Bethany. Yeah, I have that effect on people, lol, and I love it! I'm glad you too had a conversation with the one.

  2. I love the pink and with the green it's just delightful!

  3. Replies
    1. Hi Sarah, I just love horse pattern fabric. It always makes me smile and feel all giddy inside.