Friday, March 18, 2016

Color Play Friday - Starbursts

Howdy Hon,

It's the weekend, YES!  Although it's going to be just as busy as the week, it is still welcomed.

I've spent this week working on many demanding tasks, but for a bit of fun I through in a 30-Day Plank Challenge.  I didn't plan it, I just thought, I've never completed one, let's try this again.  I am so excited, we are now on day 4!  I've invited everyone I know and don't know on social media to join.  I've had some takers and we are all still on task.  I have also been recording short videos of me doing the planks (as requested by one of the challenge takers) and posting them on social media.  Last night my husband was home early so he joined me in the video.  He had previously declined to join the challenge, but last night he hopped on the video with me.  He couldn't take just holding the position quietly, so he started singing.  It was so funny.  But he did it, of course in telling him what to do I did not focus on myself and I was out of alignment a bit.  But that's okay, I'm learning to feel the move because I can't see myself while I'm filming the little video.  The important thing is I have started and thankful others have joined me.  There is power in numbers.  Besides, the more people I have to be accountable to the more likely I will stay on task on those days I just don't feel like.

Well, in addition to it being a welcomed Friday, it's a Color Play Friday!  Actually, it's a bright and yummy Color Play Friday today.  Don't know what  CPF is all about, well head on over to Lorinda at Laurel, Poppy and Pine or Trina at In An Otter Life for all the details.  You know the rules and such, and next week's picture, you're welcome to join us.  

I was so happy to see the photo chosen for this week's CPF!  I LOVE Starbursts!!  I like the tropical flavors.  I don't care as much for the original flavor packet.  Whenever I buy a pack I eat the flavors I like and then give my husband the ones that I don't like.  I think the flavors are so delicious.  The picture makes me just want to run out and buy a bag.  Saturday is my eat anything day, soooooooo.  TeeHee

There's an exciting event happening with this week's CPF.

Lorinda and Trina are hosting a GIVEAWAY sponsored by Stash Fabric and inspired by this week's photo Starbursts.  They'll be giving away both ladies bundles.  In addition to the giveaway Stash Fabrics will make both bundles available for purchase together as a set.

The giveaway will begin Friday morning with our posts and entries will run through the following Wednesday.  Do you want to enter?  Well of course you do, who doesn't want more fabulous fabric for their stash new projects!  To enter you will have to subscribe to both the #colorplayfriday newsletter and Stash Fabric's newsletter.  That's it, the winners of Lorinda and Trina's bundles will be announced on their respective blogs.  Be sure to get your chance to win these awesome fabrics!

I had 3 color palettes done but could not decide on one.  So I called my husband over and told him to pick one.  I had a palette with 5, 6, and 8 colors.  After some discussion we both decided we really liked the 8 colors best.  So I gave it a shot.

I present to you Color Play Friday - Starbursts

This week since Stash Fabric was so kind to do a giveaway for CPF, I decided to see if I could find all my bundle choices from their website.  Guess what?  I did, I DID!  Wow, I'm impressed.  The available selection was huge and I found fabric for some future UFO's projects.

This is the information about each fabric:

Summerlove Collection by Pat Bravo
for Art Gallery Fabrics

Sun Prints 2016 Collection by Alison Glass
for Andover Fabrics

Clover Collection by Alexia Abegg
for Cotton + Steel

Apple of My Eye Collection
for Riley Blake Designs

Honeymoon Collection by Sarah Watts
for Cotton + Steel

Avantgarde Collection by Katarina Roccella
for Art Gallery Fabrics

Bluebird Collection
Cotton + Steel

Whisper Collection by Victoria Johnson 
for Windham Fabrics

I used Moda Fabrics Palette Builder 2.1 Powered by Playcrafts to decide on my color palette for the photos.  The builder gives me a selection of Moda Bella Solids, Aurifil Threads and Hex Values for each of the photos.   I then use those selections to search for my fabric bundles.  I like finding "different" styles of fabrics.  Yes, sometimes wild, but hey, that's the beauty of loving fabric!  I'll also be using their hashtag #modapalettebuilder, per their request.  It's the least I can do to say thank you for providing a great tool.

There you have it hon, a great new element this week!  Now please go check out the other ladies who are playing this week.  It's exciting to see the same picture from different perspectives.  If you would like to join us (that would be so awesome!) you can contact Lorinda and Trina @ for all the details and next week's photo.

This week's players for ColorPlayFriday are:  
             Steph @ Shimmy and More (thank you so much for stopping by) 
                     Lorinda @ Laurel, Poppy, and Pine
                               Trina @ In An Otter Life
                                         Mindy @ Quilting Mayhem
                                                   Bethany @ Sew Not Perfect
                                                             Christina  @ Love Hazel Honey
                                                                                                               Sarah G. @
                                                                              Yvonne @ That's Sew Creative
                                                                                               Sarah S. @ 123 Quilt

You can also do a social media check for our palettes by using the hashtag #ColorPlayFriday.  You can check out my previous Color Play Friday posts here!

Love and Shimmies,


  1. I love, love, LOVE your bundle this week! And we have a matching fabric -that makes three matches I've seen so far this week!

    1. Awesome we chose same fabric. I was so torn with this one, because I want to include so much and then trying to make it a smaller bundle seemed like I was cheating it, lol. I'm happy to learn that you mom gave you the bowl and it's one of your favorite possessions, I love that!

      Thank you!

  2. Your bundle is so, so good! I used the same blue in mine. How fun!

  3. Thank you. Once I saw the cutlery, the rebel side of me thought it it broke my mood for being so serious. There were so many palette and fabric choices that I loved and had to cut. I think we had some of the same palette choices as well.

  4. You pulled out so many colors and made them all work so well together... even the (what I would consider unattractive) brown color. You totally rocked this! I feel like your bundle would work really well in one of those improv sort of fraction quilts... where the colors kind of blend but you would get a small unexpected pop of the blue here and there.

    P.S. Thank you for commenting on my blog this evening and reminding me to get in gear with going to visit everyone else's blog. I usually sit down every friday morning -its a nice ritual, but this Friday was just so busy and then my weekend disappeared.

  5. Lok, so I'm not the only one woth insomnia? Thank you, I started working on this one earlier so I could really get into it. I like starting early! I was worried able that last one because it's not a color I normally would have chosen. but I found it in a couple of spots so I had to include it. Then when I saw the leaves ands flowers I lost all reservations and went with it. But that's probably the last time you'll ever see me choose that one. Lol

    When I realized I had not checked out everyone's blogposts and made commentes I finished my Monday post and immediately hopped on over to check everyone out. I agree the weekend just disappeared.