Friday, May 6, 2016

Color Play Friday: Smore Cookie Goodness

Howdy Hon,

It's Friday!  Time to play with some color.  I'm so glad that with my camera card issue I did not have to take any pictures for this post.  Whew, want a relief that was.  But it is a yummy looking photo taken by Trina over at In An Otter Life, one of our lovely hostesses.

So let's talk color!  Color Play Friday was created by Lorinda over at Laurel, Poppy, and Pine and her good friend Trina over at In An Otter Life.  They opened it for others to join the fun every week and here I am today, A Color Play Friday Girl, teehee.  If you'd like to get more details on CPF and how you can join the fun please contact the ladies at  They'll give you all the details, including next week's photo.

It's funny that I originally started my bundle choices with the thought of being woodland type creatures and camping.  Ummm, I think I got off that focus somewhere along the way.  But I like the choices I made and I like them together.  I love that pop of color at the end.  

Presenting this weeks ColorPlayFriday - Smore Cookie Goodness:

This photo belongs to Trina and the cookie was from Snohomish Pie Company.  Yummy, look how big it is.  I see how that could be considered a splurge.  She enjoyed half this big boy while sitting next to the river on a cool summer afternoon during her lunch break.  Sounds perfect doesn't it?

If you would like to check out where I found these fabrics here's where:

Babes in the Woods Collection
for Timeless Treasures

Larkspur Collection by 3 Sisters
for Moda Fabrics

Larkspur Collection by 3 Sisters
for Moda Fabrics

Rue 36 Collection
for Benatex Fabrics

Country Christmas Collection
for Timeless Treasures 

by Michael Searle
for Timeless Treasures
(ummm, does this remind you of anyone)

I used Moda Fabrics Palette Builder 2.1 Powered by Playcrafts to decide on my color palette for the photos.  The builder gives me a selection of Moda Bella Solids, Aurifil Threads and Hex Values for each of the photos.  Then I change them at will and play around until I find that wacky palette that suits my mood.  I then use those selections to search for my fabric bundles.  I like finding "different" styles of fabrics.  Yes, sometimes wild, but hey, that's the beauty of loving fabric!  I'll also be using their hashtag #modapalettebuilder, per their request.  It's the least I can do to say thank you for providing a great tool.

There you have it hon!  Now please go check out the other ladies who are playing this week.  It's exciting to see the same picture from different perspectives.  If you would like to join us (that would be so awesome!) you can contact Lorinda and Trina @ for all the details and next week's photo.

This week's players for ColorPlayFriday are:  
             Steph @ Shimmy and More (thank you so much for stopping by) 
                     Lorinda @ Laurel, Poppy, and Pine
                                      Trina @ In An Otter Life
                                                  Bethany @ Sew Not Perfect
                                                                   Sarah S. @ 123 Quilt 

You can also do a social media check for our palettes by using the hashtag #ColorPlayFriday.  You can check out my previous Color Play Friday posts here!

Love and Shimmies,


  1. Another creative palette Stephanie. I like the browns you pulled together and that blueish hue at the bottom is gorgeous!

  2. Another creative palette Stephanie. I like the browns you pulled together and that blueish hue at the bottom is gorgeous!

  3. Steph, your bundle it so light and fun. I love how all your prints have a nature theme! :)

  4. Your nature bundle is cute! I like seeing the otters in there, since this is Trina's picture!