Monday, September 8, 2014

Monday Madness...herstory, updates, Sept. schedule

Howdy Hon,

No I have not forgotten about my dear blog!!

But I have been taking some much needed time to get my head and my heart together.  I was feeling some kind of way mentally, emotionally and physically.  But this blog was not only meant to share parts of personal life but to be fun and share knowledge/information.  That's what my whole world has become.  Learning new things and sharing those things with others.  And if no one reads it, then at least I have a location to refer back to all my notes on things, lol.  

There are so many new things coming into add our lives a new homeschool program, new grade, and yours truly will be going back to school as well.  woot-woot.  I will officially begin the Pathway  program on the 18th of this month.  I have already been officially accepted and paid my tuition for the fall quarter which is really inexpensive with this new program set up by my church.  I am a member of The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints Our church has always been big on everyone getting an education.  They realize that sometimes life and finances (or the lack there of) can get in the way and prevent higher education from happening.  Sooooo, the presidency of the church and one of the churches school's BYU-Idaho (Brigham Young University, in Idaho)  established a program for members with just such situations in life.  The program starts out with the Pathway program which each student enrolls in and must take for one full year.  There are only a few basic life courses to complete (because so many people didn't learn how to do some the of the basic things every adult needs to run a household, ex. create a budget...).  In addition we must also attend a meeting once a week during this time.  Upon completion of the Pathway program we get to enroll as official students of BYU-Idaho On-Line degree program.  We get to take any course currently being offered and the best part of all we get to do it at that same rate per credit that we had in the Pathway program.  So you darn tootin' I am in!!  

My life concerns these last couple of years have moved from computers to a interest in health and wellness.  Although my DH and friend that I should go for the CIT (Computer Information Technology) degree my heart just wasn't in it.  But I wanted to get a Bachelor's degree, I have an Applied Associates degreee in Business Computer Programming.  My intention was to start there and get my Bachelor's degree in Computer Science.  Soooo, what happened you ask,  I fell in love, completed my Associates degree, got pregnant, and started working on my Bachelor's degree at Tuskegee Institute (now University).  Somewhere along the way he did propose and I accepted.  Long story way short - I was rushed from class one day to the emergency room.  Due to my size, condition and distance between classes and stairs, it was decided that I should drop that semester and return after the baby was born.  Speed forward, I gave birth to a beautiful baby girl, realized my relationship was not one a child should use as an example, so I set out in the workforce to support myself and child (with the help of my loving mother).  So thus life began (I like saying that line).  Years later I got a job at a nursing home which allowed me to go to classes for CNA (Certified Nursing Assistant) and I worked my way up the ladder with that company until employment ended.  Okay, that's enough herstory.  The point is although I have had many trainings, have an associates degree and have many certifications I still want that Bachelors degree.  I am going to go get it.  Thankfully the church has provided a way for me and many others to go about getting it.  Also they have added some more courses to the BYU-Idaho On-Line degree program which means I will NOT be taking CIT but I will be majoring in Health Science, yeah me!!  This scares me to death, there is a possibility of a Physics class, yikes.  I can get through the Algebra with studying but Physics... I hopefully will not have to take that one.  Of course, I could start studying Physic now so it won't be so foreign, lol, that's an idea.  I have a whole year to finish Pathway before starting the degree classes soooooo,guess  I better get to work huh?

I still intend to blog, I'll be doing so all along and keeping ahead of the schedule so things will be in place and ready.  I hope to share not only the stuff I already know but all the new things I continue to learn along the way. Including hopefully some stuff from school as well as the things you're probably checking out for blog for anyway, like sewing, crafting, recipes, natural hair, DIYs, etc,...

I'm so excited again to get back to it, I did enjoy the little I have done on this blog and hope that someday you will feel the same! 

Thanks for stopping in.  Oh, if you're interested in a schedule for the rest of the month: of course it's still all the Monday's and we're counting today as the first Monday for September (I know it's actually the 2nd Monday, just work with me here okay).  So that makes the 8th, today, Madness; 15th, Recipe Review: Spinach and Cheese Manicotti - ooohhh yummmmm; 22nd, DIY finally finish Large Picture frame thread and bobbin holder; and 29th I am doing several sew-a-longs in a couple of Facebook groups I am a part of so we will just have to see which one will get featured in this months's Marvelous Monday.  I'll also post one in the OOTD tab, so you get two of them this month, woot-woot!  In addition I  have a tutorial I am doing for one of the groups.  It's for a very simple top which is in one of my pictures already posted on the blog, so I think I will post it this month as well!!  Yes, so much coming up, I do hope you will stop by and check it all out.  Feel free to leave a commit, I would love to hear from you and if you like the direction the blog is going in.  Of course, I would not mind at all if you became a subscriber as well, tee-hee, I know, shameless!

Love and Shimmies,