Tuesday, December 15, 2015

MONDAY not forgotten, stupid forced updates

Hello Hon,

I have not forgotten Monday's post.  These stupid windows updates are being forced upon me and they've locked up my system since Sunday night.  I was able to get on only for a moment yesterday.   I walked away to help a visiting friend and the stupid thing started another update. That's 3 since Sunday and one last week.  I left it running last night hoping  toady it works be down.   Well,  it's almost lunch now and I'm still looking at 'everything is OK and where you left it' and ' don't turn off your computer'. With a big blue sky screen.  (Thankfully not the dark blue 'screen of death huh).  Sigh. As soon as this craziness let's me back into my own freaking system I'll be able to post.  I may figured I'd make this update so you know I'm still consistently posting,  yeah! I'm doing this with the app on my phone,  but it's hard to type more than a few lines.  Please forgive any typos hard to spot on a small screen. 

Let's just plan to meet back here tomorrow, as today dies not seem to be looking too bright to get to my files for posting.  My poor honey got caught for a little while also as we both have same laptops.  Arg!

Love and Shimmies,


Friday, December 11, 2015

Color Play Friday: Kris Kringle

Hello Hon,

Welcome back to Color Play Friday, a new reason to love Friday's.  It's good to be back focusing on something that brings me sheer joy.  I've missed it the last couple of weeks.  If you don't know what Color Play Friday is all about then check out my CPF Rules tab here for all the details of how we do it.

I should play catch up and finish the last 2 week's photos.  But to do that would interfere with me finishing this week's.  I definitely wan to get it done, especially since this will be the last one for this year.  There will not be color play on December 18th and 25th, which means no more color play for this year.  Yikes, I think I am going to have to play around with something to keep in the habit of posting on Fridays.  I can't not do anything, geez, that would be too long of a time for me to miss posting.  Umm, maybeeeee I will catch up on the two I missed for those two weeks.  I really did love that Frost photo and really wanted to do it.  Yeah, that sounds like a plan huh?  

Well let's get to this weeks photo.  It was chosen by Trina over at In An Otter Life and taken by Lorinda over at Laurel and Pine.  It's actually the perfect picture to end the year, considering this month is Christmas.  I love Christmas decorations and of course I love all things shiny and glittery.  

Here we go, Color Play Friday - Kris Kringle:

Heavy Metal Collection by Whistler Studio
Windham Fabrics print

Loom Exquisite Textiles

Cuddle Plush Fabrics

Cotton fabric for Bedding home textile,Sewing Tilda Doll
{After reading further down the page for this, I'm questioning the 'Cotton'.  I think it may be a blend.  But too late, I already love it and had to have it for this palette.  I searched and this was the only one I could find.  It says for 'bedding' well quilts go on beds, so there.  Anyway the reviews on the fabric we good, only one said it was thin, well lots of cotton is, sooooo.  Important thing here is that it's fabric that I love and this is my palette, soooooo, There it is!} 

Cuddle Plush Fabrics

Bella Solid by Moda Fabrics

I thought the perfect backing for this seasonal quilt really just jumped out at me.  I had to search for a source for it.  I even saw a comment on Pinterest that said someone found it at JoAnne’s.  I have never seen it at my local store; but then again I am in Alabama, not the best fabric choices around.  I searched high and low for this fabric after seeing the picture of it.  It was simply inspiring after just coming off our annual nativity event.  But I could only find it on EBay.  The first listing had already sold out.  Well, I didn’t want to post a listing that had already sold out, you know, in case you loved it as much or more than I did.  So here is another listing I found for it.    

Isn't that just darling, in my best Jenny Doan voice.  I love it!

That my loves is the last official Color Play Friday of the year 2015.  Make sure you head on over and check out Trina at In An Otter Life and Lorinda at Laurel and Pine to see their last color play of the year.  I can't wait to see what exciting choices they'll come up with the 2017.  Thank you so much for joining me on this adventure as I learned about quilting and in essence myself.  I look forward to sharing and getting to know you in the new year.  

Love and Shimmies, 

Monday, December 7, 2015

Yeah, Back on Blog

Hello Hon,

I am so thankful for things to have settled down.  Some were good and some were bad and some will have lasting, ummmm, situations.  But, I'm glad it has all died down and I can get back to some normal parts of life again.  One of the good things that happened was that I got the opportunity to work with our annual nativity exhibit again this year.  It was am amazing and beautiful experience.  So I am feeling good right now, having spent a week focusing on the most important birth of all time, the birth of Jesus Christ.  I got to display the whole Elim Nativity set with all the extra pieces!  I got some questions and interested buyers to follow up with this week. That was awesome sauce! Coming off that wonderful week, although I am dog tired, I am ready to get back to every day.

I am so excited to close the year out with you in the next 3 weeks by sharing a review on 2 new places to get cool gifts with product reviews; a quick little recipe we have been begging my hubby to make for us again.  Maybe by sharing it with you he'll be more inclined to make them again.  He knows I have to have some pictures for the blog; I'll show with you what was in my Quilty Box (which is still packed and sitting on my cutting table, sigh), including the new product from Vanessa Vargas; and my new calendar and previous calendars review, I will share some different types (along with a FREE calendar download and a sticker sheet, both for FREE download.   I designed them before I decided to buy the one I am so in love with).  Of course, I'll be back on task with Color Play Friday this week and Wrap It Wednesday is also back into play.  Ahhhhh, it's good to be home and focused again.

I can't believe it's the end of the year already!  So much to look forward to in the new year.  I hope you'll join me in the new year.  Thank you for stopping by during this year.  I appreciate every viewer, don't forget to follow so you'll be notified as soon as stuff posts.  Especially when I throw some surprise posts between the regular ones.

OH my word, I can't believe I almost forgot to mention this.  For the Marvelous  Monday's I was able to get some patterns to have for give aways.   I am super excited about that.  For many of the patterns that I review I will also give away (FREE) that same pattern, new and unopened!  Including one that has video access from guess who?!?!?!?!  The one and only darling herself Ms. Mimi G.  No worries, I accidently bought two of her tutorials.  When I realized I already hand one I contacted her and asked for permission to give away the second one I had bought.  She said YES!  Whoop whoop, so one of you is a very lucky person!

Love and Shimmies,

Friday, November 20, 2015

Color Play Friday - Gummy Bears

Hello Loves,

It's finally Friday, now the weekend can officially begin.  And so will my overbooked life for the next 3 weeks as we get ready for our annual nativity event.  Andddddd I'm supposed to do this while doing school, scouts, blog, sew, quilt, play instruments for the nativity, corral host/hostess and all with a smile while having dinner with family and of course there's Christmas (which generally is my favorite time of year, having nothing to do with presents).  Yep, gonna be a great 3 weeks.

Lucky me, I get the pleasure of joining Trina at In An Otter Life and Lorinda at Laurel and Pine by participating in Color Play Friday.  I am so thankful for their open invitation for others to join the fun.  If you want to know what guidelines we use you can find our HERE.

This week's picture is so yummy.  I mean really, who doesn't love Gummy Bears.  I simply can't resist them.  Of course, just like Starburst I only want certain flavors, lol.  I love strawberry, watermelon, and apple, but my all time favorite is pineapple.   Yummmmm!  I also love the translucent colors of gummy bears.  They make me happy on so many levels.  Not to mention FAT FREE, helloooo!  How many yummy treats can you think of that are fat free (FYI: York Peppermint Patties, Twizzlers, Laffy Taffy, just a few).   Make that fat free and delicious.

Let's get started.  Outside of getting my steps in the Work Week Hustle for our FitBit challenge, this is my weekly highlight.  By the way if you want to join or start some competitions to get you going join me on FitBit.  As always, I am "stephsgotit"

This week Lorinda chose a photo that belongs to Trina.   It's my pleasure to present you with a color palette for Gummy Worms (sorry I don't have any actual gummies to share with you):

Oh, a bit of a warning, after I found the first fabric I was convinced this quilt had to be all in 1800's reproduction fabrics.  Wow, that was an all new fun adventure!  Then at the end of the palette you'll see I had another crazy thought that I had to have that fabric in the palette as well.  Ahh, the joys of a mind in total chaos.

You can find these 1800's reproductions here:

Georgetown Collection
By Judie Rothermel
For Marcus Brothers Fabrics

Gathering Basket Collection
By Kim Diehl
For Henry Glass Fabrics

By Molly B's Studio
For Marcus Fabrics 

By Nancy Rink
For Marcus Fabrics

By Jo Morton
For Andover Fabrics 

Lost & Found Christmas Collection
For Riley Blake Designs
By My Mind's Eye

I even found this whimsy little reproduction I'd love to use as a backer and a sweet reminder of a time long gone.  

By Nancy Gere
For Windham Fabrics

There you have it my darlings.  Be sure to head on over to Trina at In An Otter Life and Lorinda at Laurel and Pine to check out their cool color palettes.  It's always so interested to see what colors spoke to each of us and how we each see the palette.  It's just a much fun checking out each other's palettes as it is doing the palettes.

Sooo, are you curious about next Friday's picture?  Brrrr, better button up first!

Here it is, you know, in case you want to join us.  (Don't forget to contact one of the ladies and let them know so your link can be included).

Ohhh, this is going to be interesting.

Love and Shimmies,

UPDATED NOTE: Thank you so much for stopping by.  I should be back up and running at full schedule by the second week of December.  I will be able to breath halfway normal by then.   Steph!

Tuesday, November 17, 2015

Monday Blogs

Hello Hon,

I'm sorry but I have to put Monday Blogs on hold for the last 2 weeks this month and for the First, week of December.  I'm experiencing some serious family and personal issues right now, and I need to focus for a minute on that.  The Color Play Friday post is already done so it will post.  The Wrap-it Wednsedays are also set for next month.

Thank you for bearing with me.  I hope that you have a wonderful Thanksgiving week!

Love and Shimmies,

Friday, November 13, 2015

Color Play Friday: Kla Ha Ya Day

Good Morning Hon,

Happy  Friday, doing the happy dance.

It has been such a long week.  I am glad to see the weekend, not that I'll get much rest.  We're putting together our annual nativity display and I have to schedule all the host/hostesses for those 5 days.  So I'm going to be emailing and texting like a busy little bee trying to finish that up.  And school, ugh.

We'll let's get to it.  Color Play Friday!  If you want to see how it works you can get all the details here.  These are the guidelines that Lorinda, Trina and I follow each week.  Interested in joining us, see here.

This week's picture is so awesome.  Yeah, awesomely sick, lol.  All I can think of is that one family vacation we went to Sea World and the other theme park new there in Florida.  I let my roller coaster loving son and husband talk me into joining them on a not so bad roller coaster.  There is no such thing.  When I tell you they had to almost carry me out.  I could  not feel me legs, it felt like my lungs we in my mouth and my brain was in my pants.  Oh, did I mention I do not like theme park rides.  Roller coasters make me ill, very ILL.  I spent the entire day laying on the park bench sick and asleep while my son and husband went from ride to ride, having a blast I might add.  Don't worry, I insisted they go have fun.  It gave me the opportunity to rest and sleep while my brain worked it's way back up into my head, sssshhhhhhhhhh don't tell them that part.  And for the price of those tickets somebody was going to have some fun.  Let me tell you I was sick from that one ride for the rest of that vacation.  Worst yet, I felt the effects for weeks after arriving back home, my whole equilibrium was off.  Trust me when I say NEVER again, EVER!!

So what brought back this lovely memory.  This picture chosen by Lorinda, the picture is great and looks like a blast.  LOOKS like.  I'm sure her family, as mine, loved it and had the best time.  I can tell you I had the best time choosing my color palette.

I present to you the picture and my color palette for Kla Ha Ya Day:

You can find these awesome fabrics here:

It's a Girl Thing Collection
By Michael Miller

Krystal Collection
By Michael Miller

By Ed Emberley
for Cloud 9 Fabrics

Glitz Collection
By Michael Miller

Camp Peanuts Collection  and Peanuts By Charles M. Schultz Collection
Designed by Peanuts Worldwide LLC for Quilting Treasures

Sugar House Collection.

By Ann Kelle
for Robert Kaufman

Then I was done, until.....  I saw this wonderful fabric.  I felt (literally) like it captured how I felt and the essence of Lorinda's picture choice.  I knew it would be an awesome backing fabric and then fold it over to the front for this kind of psychedelic binding that matches the mood.  Can you say completely WILD, I know.  I soooooo love Color Play Friday, I truly get to play with colors! Awesome sauce!!

You can find the eye catching fabric at:

Bright Idea Collection

by Benartex Fabrics

J Kanvas Studio

Now head on over to see the palettes for Trina at In An Otter Life and Lorinda at Laural and Pine.  I'll come back and post next week's picture when I find out what it is.  Just in case you want a little preview peek.  Who doesn't love a sneak peek.

Have a great weekend.  See you for Make-It-Monday!  Oh, you can check out all of my previous palettes HERE.

Love and Shimmies,


Friday, November 6, 2015

Color Play Friday: Pike Place Market

It's finally Friday, woo-hoo!

Hello Hon,

It's here, it's here!  FRIDAY and with Friday comes Color Play Friday!

Although I have been nursing a migraine all this week, I couldn't wait to dive into #ColorPlayFriday to express how I was truly feeling inside.  I love the upcoming holidays and wanted to feel ready to just jump in, but between the migraine and school, it just wasn't happening.  Anyhoo, I get to live how I feel in colors.   Lots of bright fun colors.

If you are not familiar with Color Play Friday (as I gasp in disbelief), here are the rules that we follow:

  1. Each week, Trina or Lorinda will select a picture from their joint Pinterest board. These are all pictures that one of them has taken on their adventures.
  2. We each create a palette using colors from that picture
  3. We then create a bundle of 5-8 fabrics that are inspired by that palette. They don’t have to be an exact match to our palette, and we can throw in contrasting or accent colors, but the bundle should look inspired by the palette.
  4. We don’t see the other person’s palette or bundle before we each post on Friday.
That’s it! It’s going to be so fun to see what we each come up with.

Be sure to check out Lorinda at Laurel and Pine and Trina at In An Otter Life

If you would like to participate be sure to use #colorplayfriday in social media and you can also email Trina a link to your blog so we can include your posts. (inanotterlife@gmail.com)  Next week’s festive photo is going to be at the end of this blog.

There you go!

I am excited, as always, about my palette (except that first one, lol).   I found the picture engaging.  The picture is Trina's and I'm sure she has an interesting story to go with it.  But, earlier I was watching Lorinda on Periscope and she told this hilariously embarrassing situation that she and her husband had experienced in that same location.  That's all I kept thinking of as I was finishing up my post.  So of course that left me so tickled that I wanted all my palette choices to be light, whimsical, childlike and well, funny.  I wanted to look at this palette with a different kind of smile.  Not just the giddy smile from drooling over awesome fabric, but also a smile because I was just tickled thinking about the possibilities with it.

So I now present to you this tickle inspired color palette, at Lorinda and her husbands expense.  Sorry about that hon, but I couldn't help it.  This color palette goes out to all the mom's of the world pushing their strollers and all the broken horn owners who nearly die of embarrassment.

Picture, color palette and fabric choices for - Pike Place Market:

Where these little whimsies can be found (be sure to click on the links to get the full effect of the pictures, here they are shrunk down to match the color palette):

Tonal Royal Blue from Junior Pilots Collection
Exclusively Quilters (apparently there is s flaw somewhere)

Canterbury- Dust Fabric from World Tour Quilting Weight Collection
By Parson Gray (moniker for David Butler)
For Free Spirit Fabrics

SweetOwlies – Peach from Les Amis Collection
By Patty Sloniger
For Michael Miller

 Poise – Brown from Flea Market Fancy Collection
By Denyse Schmidt
For Free Spirit

 Swirls – Black from Quilter’s Candy Prints Collection
By Connecting Threads

Royal from Bella Solids, Superman Fabric Collection
By Moda Fabrics

 HappyGo Lucky – Leaf from Emma’s Garden Collection
By Patty Sloniger
For Michael Miller

To add a little more fun this week I thought I would throw in my choices for backing fabric.  I absolutely love this 

Address Book - Vanilla from Road 15 Collection 
By Sweetwater 
For Moda (ooh, my favorite) 

I thought I would also mix that up some how with this:

Star Crossed - Blacklight from Katagami Collection
By Parson Gray (I just discovered him but, I'm really falling in love with his work)
For Free Spirit

This is so cool/  FYI- Katagami is the art of stencil dyeing on kimono or yukata fabric, this method is called katazome.  

So that my deary is it for the weekend.  I hope you enjoyed looking at the wonderful palettes as much as I, from my sick bed, enjoyed doing it.  Please go check out Lorinda and Trina's palettes.  I can't wait to see how they differ and if any are the same.  

Here's next weeks picture if you'd like to join us. 

Have a wonderful weekend hon.  I'll see you Monday for Mystery Meat Monday.  One of our favorite little quick and yummy treat recipe to take to all of our families, friends, and co-workers.  This is especially good for every holiday potluck at work, school, or church.

Love and Shimmies,

Wednesday, November 4, 2015

Wrap-It Wednesday

Hello Hon,

Happy Hump day!  Woo-woot, hang in there, we're half way through.

I have learned to love my natural hair over the years.  We have finally become good friends.  As long as we both understand that I can do whatever I want to her, and she is going to do whatever she wants in response.  When I am patient and take time to do techniques I know she likes everything works lovely.  When I am lazy and tired of detangling over and over, she let's me know how displeased she is.

Protective styles are simply as most, even if it's just for the day.  One of my favorite protective (and lazy) style is wearing a headwrap, also know as a pashmina, tichel, bonnet, turban, hijab, gele, scarf, etc.  I absolutely love them all.  I don't care what name you call it, I love wrapping my hear with material of some sort.  I have some of each of the styles previously mentioned.  Each one has it's own unique character and I like to dabble in them all.

So I thought maybe once or twice a month I would share one with you.

This week is one of my favorites:

This is actually a pashmina scarf and a silky like scarf I order, I'll give you the name's once I make sure it's okay (I'll include that with the all, in case you are looking for places, and not all are ordered from shops!).  Once I wrapped the two around in a way that was satisfying to me, I topped it off with a pretty little coordinating flower.  Oh my gosh, I felt so pretty with that wrap event though I was just in a simple skirt and blouse for church.  

Hope that gives you some inspiration for your next wrap.  I will be doing some tutorials on my YouTube channel in a couple of weeks.  I promised a friend I would do some for her.  Let's see that was about a year or so ago, yep, I'm right now schedule, NOT.  I'm thinking I'll do these posts on first and third Wednesday's of the month, YouTube videos's at the same time.

That's is for now lovies.  Remember be kind to your hair and protect her always!

Love and Shimmies, 

Monday, November 2, 2015

Monday Madness - Mad

Hello Hon,

Well, it's Monday again.

I had a migraine all day today.  Convinced myself I could teach my Zumba Toning class after some Migraine Excedrine and a couple hours of sleep.  That was a good choice and a bad choice. I thought I was running late and ended up being early, by an hour.  I hate time changes and I hate my crappy mobile device.  As I was waiting for my class to arrive I made a quick broadcast for my Monday Message on Periscope (you can find me @stephsgotit or click on the Periscope link to my page in the side bar to the right). 

It ws a good choice to go because I convinced my myself I felt better. I did, feel better.  But then I showed my students what not to do which caused me to get sick all over.  Luckily there were only three songs left by that time.  

Because of the migraine, I did not finish the fabulous post I wanted to share with you today.  But I can go ahead and share with you my Periscope broadcast, which is a good message to remember.  I loaded it onto my Youtbe channel for your review.

Thanks for taking the time to stop by, I will still share that fabulous post later this month.  It's about 3 cool things I recently discovered: a place, an item (not from the place that will be mentioned), and ????, teehee.  

Also starting will be a post for the It's A Wrap tab on the first and third Wednesday's of the month. I am super stoked about this.  I have been experimenting and taking pictures so I have a whole selection of them ready to present.  

In the meantime enjoy the broadcast!

Love and Shimmies, 

P.S. I am typing this from my IPad, soooo if the font is funny sorry.

Friday, October 30, 2015

Color Play Friday - Christmas Ornaments

Working on the draft all week, finished but forgot to press Publish, ugh!

Good Morning Hon,

It's Fridayyyyyy!  Whoop whoop!

I have been looking forward to this week's Color Play Friday the most so far!  Why you ask?  Because it involves my favorite time of year.  I get to look at some wonderful Christmas fabric.  This week's photo belongs to Lorinda.  She blogs over at Laurel and Pine.  Oh, wait, if you are not sure what Color Play Friday is hop on over to here, where Lorinda's explains it all (I've done so in previous weeks, but I'll do quick description page to, later).

As I said this week's color play gives me a chance to get into some Christmas fabric.  Squealllll!  I know, I know, we haven't even gotten through Halloween or started on Thanksgiving yet.  Of course, if you listen to the stores you started Christmas back in August.  You know I love any reason to dress up in costume, and I have a lot to be thankful for, butttttt, CHRISTMAS is my favorite time of year.  I love all the red and green colors, I love how people actually take the time to see that people around them are hurting and in need, I love the Christmas music on the radio, I love how giving people are, I love focusing on Jesus Christ and his atoning sacrifice for us (which we should do year round), I love giving gifts, I love singing Christmas carols, I love shopping to find the perfect gift to make someone smile and feel that they are loved.  I just love CHRISTMAS time.  It's truly a joyous occasion.

So let's hop right into it.  This week's picture is from Lorinda and here is my color palette.

Christmas Ornaments:

Fabric and where I spotted them:

Berries & Blooms - Mistletoe Magic
Mary May  collection by Hoffman Fabrics

Aubade  collection by Michelle Engel Bencsko
for Cloud9 Fabrics

Starry Rhapsody
Holiday Inspirations  collection
from Fabric Traditions

Joyful Holiday Polka
Holly Jollies collection by Victoria Hutto
for Quilting Treasures

Circles & Swirls
Potpourri collection by Grace Pullen
for South Seas

 Birds & Pomegranates
Azuli collection by Julie Paschkis
for In The Beginning Fabrics

Chrysanthemum Petals
Changing Seasons collection by Ro Gregg of Paintbrush Studio
for Fabri-Quilt

Okay, okay!  I know the Birds & Pomegranates is not exactly Christmasy; but just look at them.  They are so cute, I just kept coming back to them.  I couldn't not include them.  They were calling out to me, over and over.  I simply had to include them.

Go check out Trina at In An Otter Life and Lorinda at Laural and Pine and see what cool color play palettes they came up with.

What craft or sewing project are you planning to make this Christmas.  Let me know, I'd love to read all about.

Goodbye for now loves, gotta finish making up this costume.  Who knew the whole year would breeze by before I could get started on our Halloween costumes.  Sigh.

Love and Shimmies,

Monday, October 26, 2015

Weekend of Palazzo Pants

Hello Hon,

I hope you are enjoying the beginning of the nice fall air.  I'm excited about today's post, I have wanted to try this for some time.  I hope you've got some fabric ready and that you enjoy this post as much as I enjoyed doing it.

During the summer I had a one week break from school.  The family decided to take an overnight road trip to spend a little quality time together.  I didn't have anything I wanted to wear since I had packed on a few 'stressed from math class' pounds during the last semester.  So I ran into the sewing room that Thursday night, because we were leaving Friday morning.  I was determined to whip up a quick pattern and make myself some of my favorite style of pants, PALAZZO!  4:30 a.m. Friday I had three pair of palazzo pants in knit fabrics.  I bought these fabrics months ago just for such a task.  I love the heavy weighted patterned knits for palazzo pants.

The pattern was simple.  I took a pair pants from a sweat suit I loved.  The pants had a good fit, not too tight but not too baggy either.

Creating the pattern:

  1.  First I taped some pattern paper to my cutting table.  NOTE:  I use wax paper, it’s cheaper that actual pattern drafting paper.  So is banner paper, brown paper used to wrap package for the mail, medical paper (that stuff they use on the medical examine table you climb on in the doctor's office), news papers taped together, even the backside of wrapping paper.
  2. Next I folded the pants in half and then I laid that side out flat (make sure it's nice and flat).  I traced to top, then the seat and down the inseam.  When I got to the mid-thigh area I start to draw my line straight down to the hem (in other words I did not follow the shape of favorite pants, I just made it more of a boxy look with the pattern I drew on the paper).  Then I traced the hem (do not worry about tracing the outside seam, it's not necessary)NOTE:  The fold is with the front of the pants folded to the inside creating a curved point at the seat of the pants.
  3. Added two inches to the top to make you waist band.     
  4. Then I carefully flip my favorite pants over to the other side.  Again making sure everyting is nice and flat.  NOTE:  you can draw that outside seam if you need a line to help you keep you pants lined up, I just eyeballed it. 
  5. Now trace around this side the same as you did in step 2, remembering to make a straight line down at mid-thigh like you did for the previous side.  
  6. Removed your favorite pants and returned them to the hanger in your closet. 
  7. Next I labeled one side front and the other side back. 
  8. On the side that I labeled backside, I measured in about an inch.  Cut that 1 inch off.  NOTE:  You can measure with a ruler from the top line of pants down to the point of that curve in the seat of the pants.  I eyeballed it.  
  9. That's it!  You now have yourself a quick and easy pattern, the rest of just finding cool ways of manipulating your pants to the shape(s) you desire.  
Now that you have a fabulous new quick pattern you can place that on your fabric.  NOTE:  I would make sure the fabric is folded so you only have to do the physical action of cutting it once.   However you like to cut your pattern pieces out just ensure that you have two pieces.  

Sewing the pattern: 

  1. Match the two backsides at the pointed part of the seat and pin up to top.  Now sew from the top down to the point of the seat.  Use a zig-zag stitch or if you machine has it the stretch stitch.  Don't forget to back-stitch at the start and end of the seam.  Then match the two front sides from the point of the seat and pin up to the top.  Now sew again as you just did for the back seat seam.  
  2. At this point you simply placed the inseams together and pin, making sure to match the seams at the seat together.  Then sew together from the bottom of one leg all to way around to the bottom of the other leg.  Again, using a zig-zag stitch or if you machine has it the stretch stitch and don't forget to back-stitch at the start and end of seam.  
The Waistband:  

  1. Measure around you waist.  NOTE:  Write that measurement down for quick reference (I'm forgetful, I have to write it down).
  2. Cut out a piece of elastic using your waist measurement (some people added 2 more inches. I have since stopped doing that, but please feel free to do so.  I found I really don't need the added inches when I sew the ends together.  If your's is too tight, then you will need to add that extra 2 inches to the elastic.)  The width of your elastic is your choice.  Because of my tummy size I like to use at least 1 to 2 inch wide elastics.  
  3. Overlap the ends of your elastic and sew them together using a zig-zag stitch or if you machine has it the stretch stitch.  Take this time to try on your waistband to make sure it's not too tight.  Again, if it is too tight add those two inches to the next piece and try again.  It should be a perfect fit after that.  NOTE:  Make sure to reinforce the stitches and the back-stitch at the beginning and end.
  4. Once your elastic is sewn together place the top of your pants through the center of the elastic.  
  5. Now fold your fabric over the elastic to make a casing.  I generally like to make my casings about 1/2 an inch bigger that my elastic, but this is up to you how big you want to make yours.  Then sew the casing closed using a zig-zag stitch or if you machine has it the stretch stitch, being careful not to hit your elastic.  That way it can move freely and you can adjust your pants as needed.  
Wala!  Flip you new pants right side out.  You've got yourself a stylish pair of pants.  Now you can play with the size of the bell in your leg shape.  You can make it bigger, you can taper some of it, or even make it more straight.  You can even make the leg wider.  It's completely up to you.  

These Palazzo pants were great!  I tried something a little different on each pair so I could see what I liked better.  The first pair was exactly as my pattern was (the black pair) and I did nothing to the hem.  Wonderful thing about knit is that it does NOT fray!  The second pair I serged the bottom of the legs (nope, I refused to try to hem knit at that time of morning) because they were white on the inside and it looked like the bottom was going to roll up a bit.  I felt if the bottom hem did roll up the underside would be very noticeable since the design on the fabric was purple, wine, gold and black (no white).  The third pair I made more of a box cut, unlike the other two which were cut with a slight curve on outside leg and a little deeper curve on inside leg (the green pair).  I did not serged the hem and they did roll just a tad bit.  However, it's okay because they are the same on both sides and because to the southwestern pattern design of the fabric, the slight roll of the hem adds to the look quite nicely.

I must say I love the way each pair of pants turned out!  They were a joy to wear over the weekend and felt super comfortable.  I had wanted to make these pants for a long time now.  I had bought several commercial patterns and still had not used them.  I really wanted the experience of making a pattern myself.  Nothing fancy just simply run to comfy causal to sporty style pants to dress up or dress down.  Sooooo, now that I have successful done that, I can go ahead and try some of my commercial patterns.  It's the same concept of how I felt about quilts.  I started hand quilting so I could say and know that I could do it that way, if I wanted to or had to.  Then I moved on to machine quilting and piecing.  I should also mention that I created yoga pants waistband for my Palazzo pants, because of my tummy size I just prefer that type of waistband.  I will do a write up tutorial with pictures for the waist band soon, I absolutely love it!

I hope you have a wonderful Halloween.  I love any reason to dress up and pretend.  Unfortunately this year I did not have the time to make our costumes as we had planned.  So we'll be heading to Party City and picking up whatever we can find and then I will agree to wear.  We always do couple costumes but this yea our youngest son wanted to join us so it was going to be a family costume event.  But we will see what we come up with, I'll definitely post pictures.  If you share you costumes on your blog, Facebook or Instagram please let me know so I can check them out!

I hope you found this quick and picture-less tutorial to be helpful, simple and inspiring.  I now present to you photos of my 'Weekend of Palazzo Pants' created for a weekend trip to Atlanta with the family.  However, I have gotten so much more out them!

The third pair was a solid black pair, unfortunately at the time of putting this up to the blog we were unable to find any pictures of me in those pants.  See, I have had one camera to break and it's replacements was lost and now my currently camera is uh, temporarily missing not in it's proper place at the time of upload, sigh.  The lost camera also included the original photos.  Luckily I had my husband used his camera on the gold and purple pants.  The pictures from the green pants are from 2 later events.  Not only does the lost camera and it's micro card have all the original pictures, it also included all the step by step pictures for a clear tutorial.  My honey loves to peek in the sewing room and take progression pictures of whatever project I am working on, that's how we have the picture above at least showing the pattern.  I've you would like to see a more detail tutorial on how to make you own Palazzo Pant patterns just shoot me an email or contact with at any of my social media: Twitter, Instagram or Facebook.  (the links are also at the top of the side bar to the right)

Thank you so much for stopping by, see ya soon!  I'll see you Friday for Color Play Friday, the picture this week is from Lorinda and it's Christmas-y,  YEAH!  I lovvvvvveeee this time of year.  So be sure to check in to see out cool color palette and dreamy fabric choices.

Love and Shimmies,