Tuesday, December 15, 2015

MONDAY not forgotten, stupid forced updates

Hello Hon,

I have not forgotten Monday's post.  These stupid windows updates are being forced upon me and they've locked up my system since Sunday night.  I was able to get on only for a moment yesterday.   I walked away to help a visiting friend and the stupid thing started another update. That's 3 since Sunday and one last week.  I left it running last night hoping  toady it works be down.   Well,  it's almost lunch now and I'm still looking at 'everything is OK and where you left it' and ' don't turn off your computer'. With a big blue sky screen.  (Thankfully not the dark blue 'screen of death huh).  Sigh. As soon as this craziness let's me back into my own freaking system I'll be able to post.  I may figured I'd make this update so you know I'm still consistently posting,  yeah! I'm doing this with the app on my phone,  but it's hard to type more than a few lines.  Please forgive any typos hard to spot on a small screen. 

Let's just plan to meet back here tomorrow, as today dies not seem to be looking too bright to get to my files for posting.  My poor honey got caught for a little while also as we both have same laptops.  Arg!

Love and Shimmies,


Friday, December 11, 2015

Color Play Friday: Kris Kringle

Hello Hon,

Welcome back to Color Play Friday, a new reason to love Friday's.  It's good to be back focusing on something that brings me sheer joy.  I've missed it the last couple of weeks.  If you don't know what Color Play Friday is all about then check out my CPF Rules tab here for all the details of how we do it.

I should play catch up and finish the last 2 week's photos.  But to do that would interfere with me finishing this week's.  I definitely wan to get it done, especially since this will be the last one for this year.  There will not be color play on December 18th and 25th, which means no more color play for this year.  Yikes, I think I am going to have to play around with something to keep in the habit of posting on Fridays.  I can't not do anything, geez, that would be too long of a time for me to miss posting.  Umm, maybeeeee I will catch up on the two I missed for those two weeks.  I really did love that Frost photo and really wanted to do it.  Yeah, that sounds like a plan huh?  

Well let's get to this weeks photo.  It was chosen by Trina over at In An Otter Life and taken by Lorinda over at Laurel and Pine.  It's actually the perfect picture to end the year, considering this month is Christmas.  I love Christmas decorations and of course I love all things shiny and glittery.  

Here we go, Color Play Friday - Kris Kringle:

Heavy Metal Collection by Whistler Studio
Windham Fabrics print

Loom Exquisite Textiles

Cuddle Plush Fabrics

Cotton fabric for Bedding home textile,Sewing Tilda Doll
{After reading further down the page for this, I'm questioning the 'Cotton'.  I think it may be a blend.  But too late, I already love it and had to have it for this palette.  I searched and this was the only one I could find.  It says for 'bedding' well quilts go on beds, so there.  Anyway the reviews on the fabric we good, only one said it was thin, well lots of cotton is, sooooo.  Important thing here is that it's fabric that I love and this is my palette, soooooo, There it is!} 

Cuddle Plush Fabrics

Bella Solid by Moda Fabrics

I thought the perfect backing for this seasonal quilt really just jumped out at me.  I had to search for a source for it.  I even saw a comment on Pinterest that said someone found it at JoAnne’s.  I have never seen it at my local store; but then again I am in Alabama, not the best fabric choices around.  I searched high and low for this fabric after seeing the picture of it.  It was simply inspiring after just coming off our annual nativity event.  But I could only find it on EBay.  The first listing had already sold out.  Well, I didn’t want to post a listing that had already sold out, you know, in case you loved it as much or more than I did.  So here is another listing I found for it.    

Isn't that just darling, in my best Jenny Doan voice.  I love it!

That my loves is the last official Color Play Friday of the year 2015.  Make sure you head on over and check out Trina at In An Otter Life and Lorinda at Laurel and Pine to see their last color play of the year.  I can't wait to see what exciting choices they'll come up with the 2017.  Thank you so much for joining me on this adventure as I learned about quilting and in essence myself.  I look forward to sharing and getting to know you in the new year.  

Love and Shimmies, 

Monday, December 7, 2015

Yeah, Back on Blog

Hello Hon,

I am so thankful for things to have settled down.  Some were good and some were bad and some will have lasting, ummmm, situations.  But, I'm glad it has all died down and I can get back to some normal parts of life again.  One of the good things that happened was that I got the opportunity to work with our annual nativity exhibit again this year.  It was am amazing and beautiful experience.  So I am feeling good right now, having spent a week focusing on the most important birth of all time, the birth of Jesus Christ.  I got to display the whole Elim Nativity set with all the extra pieces!  I got some questions and interested buyers to follow up with this week. That was awesome sauce! Coming off that wonderful week, although I am dog tired, I am ready to get back to every day.

I am so excited to close the year out with you in the next 3 weeks by sharing a review on 2 new places to get cool gifts with product reviews; a quick little recipe we have been begging my hubby to make for us again.  Maybe by sharing it with you he'll be more inclined to make them again.  He knows I have to have some pictures for the blog; I'll show with you what was in my Quilty Box (which is still packed and sitting on my cutting table, sigh), including the new product from Vanessa Vargas; and my new calendar and previous calendars review, I will share some different types (along with a FREE calendar download and a sticker sheet, both for FREE download.   I designed them before I decided to buy the one I am so in love with).  Of course, I'll be back on task with Color Play Friday this week and Wrap It Wednesday is also back into play.  Ahhhhh, it's good to be home and focused again.

I can't believe it's the end of the year already!  So much to look forward to in the new year.  I hope you'll join me in the new year.  Thank you for stopping by during this year.  I appreciate every viewer, don't forget to follow so you'll be notified as soon as stuff posts.  Especially when I throw some surprise posts between the regular ones.

OH my word, I can't believe I almost forgot to mention this.  For the Marvelous  Monday's I was able to get some patterns to have for give aways.   I am super excited about that.  For many of the patterns that I review I will also give away (FREE) that same pattern, new and unopened!  Including one that has video access from guess who?!?!?!?!  The one and only darling herself Ms. Mimi G.  No worries, I accidently bought two of her tutorials.  When I realized I already hand one I contacted her and asked for permission to give away the second one I had bought.  She said YES!  Whoop whoop, so one of you is a very lucky person!

Love and Shimmies,