Wednesday, May 15, 2013

How to make leggings- DIY Tutorial

Sewing Queen, woohoo!!

I finally started sewing!  Yeah,  clothes that is (already sewing quilts).

My first article of clothing in umphteen years.  I made a blouse in high school home economics class back in the 80's.  I wore that poor blouse until it literally fell apart.  Of course it was RED, duh.  I never made another piece of clothing again, never had the resources to do so or to continue learning.  Before I got married a sewing machine came into my possession (freecycle, lol) but, that did not quite spark my interest in sewing as I had hoped it would.  I was too far gone into belly dancing and being Stake Single Adult Representative, so I had a pretty busy plate.

Once I got married, I came into possession of nice little Janome sewing machine.  At the same time I found our local quilt shop.  Only to find out month's later but before my beginners quilting class, that the store would be closing.  Bummer, but if you know me (or you'll come to know) once I set my mind to learn to do something there is no stopping me.  So I hit one the greatest resources for information I know, YOUTUBE!!  Gotta love YouTube!!  I found many willing to help me learn to quilt.  Now, learn to sew.  YouTube is almost better than college, lol (don't get you panties in a ruffle, it's an exaggeration of course.  I'm not telling your children not to go to college.)  Also as great as YouTube are bloggers who are willing to share all their great knowledge on a daily basis, and even greater still, VLoggers, because I can read it and then go to their YouTube channel and watch it!  BAM!!  I love it.  I'm a visual learner myself, you can tell me until you are blue in the face.  Until I see it, and put my own hands on it, I may not fully understand it.  Then I got a Brother's 75000 for my birthday and baby, lookout, here is becoming a sewing queen, with a new machine, you got the sewing queen, la la la.....  (in my head I heard the music to 'Dancing Queen', in case you were wondering, how the la la la fit in at the end of that statment, lol).

Ooohhh, we got our square foot gardening done and seeds are growing.  Oh, wait, I was talking about sewing, right?  Okay I'll write about our Square Foot Gardening on another post.  It is awesome.

Okay back to sewing queen.  So having my wonderful new machine inspired me to want to sew, not to mention the sad state that clothing has taken these days, (whatever, you may feel differently and that's great for you, but for me, it's ack).  So I was inspired once again to make the types of clothes I want to to wear so I don't have to spend time going through racks to find nothing I want.  Did I mention I HATE, no LOATHE, shopping.  How strange for a women, I think it's because I can't find what I want or either in my size or that will fit properly.  Of course, a girl is loosing a few pounds and toning up.  I LOVE teaching Zumba and Zumba Toning.  The changes to my body are awesome!!  Oh, right, sewing.

So I know have a half way complete sewing room slash craft room.  Still painting book shelves and making dry erase board.  But it's coming along.  I already have my sewing/craft table set up and my sewing machine cabinet set in place to work from.  I'll post pics of the before and after when it's all done.  Because it is one big ol' DIY project.

I completed my first projects last week.

I made this cute (to me anyway) little drawstring backpack:

Then this sweet little mismatch maxi skirt that I got from a blogger, check it out and tell me what you think:

I must say that I am so enjoying this sewing journey that I have begun.  You know I live to be creative and so this is just another outlet that allows me to do so.  If I couldn't be creative and even better bring that creativeness to reality it would truly be a sad world for me.

Well, off to work on my Toastmasters' speech for tomorrow, the title is "Square It Up!".  Can you guess what that is going to be about, lol.

Later updates and pictures on my quilting projects to come.  So much fun with that as well!!

Love and Shimmies, Steph!

p.s. someone wanna tell this newbie how to put badges from other sites on this site.  I have a few I'd like to add but have been unsuccessful at doing so.   ooh, I wonder if I can find it on YouTube!  LOL.

Thursday, May 2, 2013

 350 Blocks Project: 2013 Update!!

April has come and gone!  How many wonderful blocks do you think I have made this month.  Well, brace yourself, a whole whopping 2 Churndash blocks.  Yes, I know, I hold my head down in shame.  The month started so bright and hopeful.  Then, 1 churndash, a few days later another one.  And then, n-o-t-h-i-n-g, nothing.  I am not doing so good on my block project for this year.

But I can do better, I must do better.  May's goal is 31 blocks.  Ummm, okay.  I have some Betty Boop material that I want to use in a Block of the Month, and needless to say I am behind on this as well.  I want to make some hourglass blocks for another project, yes, that's behind.  Oh, did I mention all the cool maxi dresses I'm planning to make.  Yeah, May is going to be MY month!!!  Oh, wait, I gotta get all my seeds planted in our garden as well.  [sigh], umm, yep, May is going to be my? month.

Love and Shimmies [and out of breath], Steph!!