Friday, February 26, 2016

Color Play Friday - NYC

Good Morning Loves,

It's FRIDAY!  Oh how I have missed thee.  This has been such an emotional week.  It was so refreshing to think about all the wonderfully fabric choices there are in the world, it gave my mind a much need release of stress.

If you would like to see the photos for  Color Play Friday  as well as check out the guidelines we use, please refer to Lorinda at Laurel, Poppy, and Pine or Trina at In An Otter Life.  They can give you all the details of how you too may be a  Color Play Friday  participant.

Looking at this week's picture I wanted to try focusing on some colors I had not used before.  Really examine the picture.  However, for some odd reason I ended up thinking and feeling like a box of primary crayons.  You know the fat ones they make you use when you're still learning how to hold a pencil.  That thought made me search through my scrapbook stuff looking for my color wheel.  Didn't find it.  But there's always good ol' "Google" to help a girl out.

It's amazing to see how many colors there are.  After watching Lorinda on Periscope I too ordered a yard of cotton fabric with a Color Map on it from SpoonFlower.  I can't wait to get it.  It has over 1400 color chips on it plus their hex codes, which can be used to ensure that you are getting the true color you intended. For example on your website or in this case for creating fabric designs.  I just loved it and wanted it to help me find THE color.  You know, like a couple of week's ago.  This will help when I create that perfect purple bunny fabric.  I'll be able to make sure it IS the perfect color when I have it printed.  If your have no idea when I'm talking about see this CPF post.  Thankfully those codes are universal and work for everyone.  However, it does help to know a little about colors.

Like the fact that  primary colors are groups of colors that can be mixed together to create other colors, basically.  It also helps to understand that there are primary, secondary and tertiary colors.  Primary colors are those that can not be made by combining others: red, yellow, and blue.  You can make secondary colors by combining two primary colors: yellow + blue = green.  To make a tertiary color you can mix three colors, they can be primary or secondary to give you colors like:  red violet, lime green, and yellow orange.

Tertiary colors like grey and brown (brown, not the most loved color in the wheel) are made by mixing all three primary colors together.  As if that wasn't enough to remember you also have descriptions of color and my favorite color schemes.  You can go from hue, tint, tone, and value in descriptions (to name a few) into color schemes of complementary, monochromatic, and analogous (to name a few).  AND colors can be warm or cool (if you have ever worn make-up you know about that one, lol).

Knowing about color theory can be very helpful to artist of all kinds, including quilters.  Although I'm not particularly concerned about it most of the time, I like knowing a little, to be used when I feel like it.  It's a very interesting subject if you have time one day to do a little research.  I couldn't include it all here or this post would be too long for a CPF post.  But I did find these charts to be of great interesting and fun enough to share (and free to share)!

Birthday Color Wheel

I think my palette for this week reminds me of nap time, recess, Bomb Popsicles, and drinking from the water hose.  Ahh, back when being a youth was so simply.

The photo belongs to Lorinda (UPDATE: correction this photo belongs to Trina).  She was taking a bus tour in NYC, how exciting.

I'd like to present for your review, this week's photo featured with my "not so crazy this time, maybe" color palette/bundle for another edition of:

Color Play Friday - NYC:

Want to know all the details of where I spotted these wonderful fabrics:

By Angela Waters
For Robert Kaufman Fabrics
(actually backing fabric, so I would use it in this bundle for backing and 
fold over binding as well as to make some of the blocks with)

Batik Cotton Quilting Fabric

By Joanne Porter
For Wilmington Prints

In the Bloom Collection By Valori Wells 
For Robert Kaufman

Kona Bay Fabrics 

(pattern, not actually leather product, it is 100% cotton)
Moda Classics 

Sun Print Grow Collection by Alison Glass
For Andover Fabrics

By Another Point of View
for Windham Fabrics

You can see all my other CPF submissions here.

Don't forget to stop by and check out all the palettes/bundles of the other cool ladies participating in Color Play Friday.  They have the most amazing taste and a great eye for designing their bundles.
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                                                                                    Bethany @ Sew Not Perfect 

We hope you will enjoy hopping around and checking out the different perspective presented by each of our quilting ladies.  It's always cool to see things from someone's else eyes and experiences.  You can also do a social media check for our palettes by using the hashtag #ColorPlayFriday.

Love and Shimmies,
P.S.  In order to create my color palette I used Moda Palette Builder 2.1.  When I first joined CPF this was the first palette builder to pop up in my search engine.  It's easy to use and gives you the colors based on Bella Solids.  If you want to see a really sweet color palette use the Birthday Color Wheel picture above, wow!  What sweet palette, I got the tingle of spring and the taste of cotton candy just staring at it.

Friday, February 19, 2016

Color Play Friday - Skywalker

Howdy Hon,

Before you start getting too excited, this is not about Star Wars in any way, shape or form.  Just didn't want to have you getting all hung up on Luke.  But this is about a jolly sweet guy.  Welcome to Color Play Friday !  Thanks to Lorinda and Trina we get to continue the fun of playing with colors and fabrics, without playing with our bank accounts.  You can learn more about Color Play Friday  by contacting them at Laurel, Poppy and Pine or In An Otter Life.  If you'd be interesting in joining along or just want to know how we do it each week AND see next week's photo check out Lorinda or Trina's blog.  By the way, we'd love to have you join us!

So what Skywalker am I referring to, why the horse, of course.  Teehee.  Lorinda met this sweet boy while in Eastern Washington.  The story is Skywalker was picking some beautiful red delicious apples.  He remembers the day being just perfect, not too hot outside and a beautiful sky above that appeared magically white at the moment.  Out of nowhere, his neighbors, Lorinda and the family, came over and started picking all the good apples and left poor Skywalker with all the rejects.  At least that's the way he tells it when I spoke to him earlier this week about his handsome profile shot.  You could clearly see Lorinda taking a perfectly good apple right from his mouth in the original photo.  Per Skywalker, this picture was photo shopped (sp?), he was not happy in the original photo.  He's sure Lorinda will disagree.  LOL, I know, this is what lack of sleep and running at full speed for over 30 hours will do to you.  If you believe that one I have a bridge I'd like to sale you.  Forgive me Lorinda.  <<wicked little grin>>

This is a sweet guy and he helped to create a very interesting picture for this week.  I decided I wanted to look for colors instead of going with the colors that immediately popped out at me.  Let's see how that worked out.  For me one of the beauties of  
Color Play Friday is to play with color and try to see what I normally would not see if I had to actually choose the palette and buy the bundle.  It's also learning to balance color, I'm so off on that.  But as I've said, I tend to pick what I like and what I like together.  As long as the palette inspires some type of emotion in me, I have to go with it.  Even if it breaks the rules.  Yep, I'm a rebel baby, a Fabric Rebel.  Oh my gosh, I really need some sleep.

I present you this week's Color Play Friday - Skywalker, the horse who has the force with him, teehee.  Okay, I'm done, I'm going to get serious now.  This week I decided to use the story as told by Mr. Skywalker himself to help me discover my palette.  Then, I decided that since every fabric I migrate towards in a quilt shop happens to be from Moda Fabrics, I was going to play with another fabric company who's winning my heart these days.  I know that was a long sentence.  Feel free to correct it, I'm too tired.  Who is it?  It's Michael Miller Fabrics!  Funny thing, I read that he used to be under Moda.  Anyway, I absolutely love his fabrics.  I love some of his designers more than others, but as a whole I'm really drawn to them.  Soooooo, all my fabrics this week are coming from Michael Miller Fabrics.  Kinda my little Valentin's for the month.   

 Here's the picture of our star, my palette, and bundle: 

You can check out all these wonderful fabrics at the following links (psssst, of just go to Michael Millers site and check out everything.  That's what I did!)

WEE WANDER by Sarah Jane



SEA HOLLY by Sarah Campbell


BIRDS & THE BEES Collection by Tamara Kate

Of course I have to include a backing fabric.  I choose something I think our sweet boy would like, because in my mind the quilt would be for him.  

wait for it, 

wait for it, 


Rolling on the floor laughing out loud.  Don't you just love that, don't you just love him (I was referring to Skywalker just now, but you could easily love Michael Miller Fabrics to).  Ahhh, I told you I needed some sleep.  

You can see my past palette's and bundles here at this tab on the blog.  There are
7 participants this week, please take a moment to get check out each palette and fabric bundle.  It's so fun to see how we each interpret the picture with our palettes.  We each tell our own story, it's sooooo cool.  If you are on Instagram you can also look for us with the hashtag: #ColorPlayFriday.  

This week's participants are:

Steph @ Shimmy and More (thanks for stopping by)
Lorinda @ Laurel, Poppy and Pine
Trina @ In An Otter Life
Mindy @ Quilting Mayhem
Sarah @
Yvonne @ That's Sew Creative
Bethany @ Sew Not Perfect

Well that's it hon, thanks for stopping by and hope to see you soon!

Love and Shimmies, 

Tuesday, February 16, 2016

Make It Monday: Mini Quilt Swap

Good Evening Hon,

Technically, yes I know, Monday is gone.  But that is still the reason for this post, I made something and that's what I'm sharing.  Rather than coming up with a different name because it's a different day, I'll continue with what it should be, keep it simply, you know.  Life is already complicated enough, right?!

For our swap in my on-line quilting club (Crafty Gemini Quilting Club) we had to do mini quilts for the month of January.  The theme for the month was "challenge".  I decided I would challenge myself by using my swap partner's favorite colors only.  No matter what they were or how many there were.  Then I challenged myself to do a block I had never done, no traditional blocks.  And lastly, I challenge myself to do bit of free motion quilting (FMQ).

Although it's a design your own mini quilt, I got it from Sew Can She, it was a tutorial none the less.  Granted in the end you have the option of how to put the block together.  I decide to do 4 of these blocks and put them together to make a mini quilt.   Now, I meant to do each block differently (she covers that in the tutorial too).  However, I had Netflix playing in the "background" while trying to catch up on Hawaii 5-0 (the new one).  Wellllll, in my distraction, I simply made all the blocks the same and then sewed them all together.  Sigh,  well I was not going back at that point.  

It turned out great because I wanted my mini quilt to be somewhere around 18 inches.  I think it had to be between 15 - 20 inches.  Once they were incorrectly sewn together I thought of ripping it out and redoing.  But that was a task I was not prepared to take on so late in the game.  Because my son had a procedure to remove all 4 of his wisdom teeth and then I was down with migraines the following week, I was already late getting this project in the mail.  So I evened up my mini quilt, right at 18 inches, perfect.   To frame each original sqare I used part of  of a jelly roll.  I took some other strips from that roll and bound them together with my new binding gadget and made the binding for the quilt.  I wasn't sure how it was going to work because I ended up sewing 3 different strips together.  Although I tried to pick all the darker tones I was still worried about how it would look.  I machine stitched the binding this time and I hated it.  I am definitely a sew on with the machine and then bind the rest by hand type of girl.  But, it was done.  The next day I got that bad boy in the mail, priority 2-day, to my swap partner.

Notice my failure to mention the FMQ, that's because that is what is was! Urgh, it's too painful to talk about I hope she can still stand to look at it.  I used to be good enough at it to write my own name.  Back to the drawing board!  I hope she can find some use for it.  Here it is in all it's glory, lol:

The half-square triangles and bars can be placed in 
different ways around the main square.

This is the back of the mini quilt.

This is her mini quilt to me using my favorite colors, she also made me two headbands for fun! 

Mini quilt with the headbands.

There you have it loves.  

Have a great week and go check out that block.  I have a suspicion that everyone I know is going to be receiving a mini quilt.  

Enjoy the rest of your week!

Love and Shimmies, 

Friday, February 12, 2016

Color Play Friday - Tulip Festival

Howdy Hon,

Can I just say I am soooo glad to see the weekend!  I’m excited to have the opportunity to share in another segment of  Color Play Friday with some other great ladies.  It was nice to search for fabric considering I was somewhat down about fabric.  It turns out that my local Hancock’s is one of the stores that will be closing.  Bwaaaaaaaaa.  They are so close to me, spatially and emotionally, LOL.  I could always drop in on my way home and do a little pick-me-up browsing, okay, okay, buying.  I feel sad for all the employees I have come to appreciate and enjoy talking to on a regular basis.  I pray they are all able to find employment elsewhere with a minimum amount of time lapse.   Today was the first day of the closing sale.  I’m sorry to say it was not much of sale, considering the reason for the sale.  But I suppose that will change as it gets closer to having to exit the building. 

For some odd reason as I was reviewing purple fabrics it got stuck in my mind that I HAD to have purple rabbit fabric, but the right shade of purple and the right look for the rabbit.  I didn’t know what that was, but  I knew it wasn’t any of the options I’d come across already.  But once I was convinced that I had to have that purple fabric with rabbits there was no stopping me.  Not only did I HAVE to have rabbits on the fabric, it HAD to be the RIGHT shade of purple.  Sigh, after hours (I kid you not!  Yeah,bad time management there) I was on the verge of tears of frustration and I was highly disappointed.  Because I was stuck on finding the RIGHT shade of purple and the RIGHT rabbit look, I did extensive searches.  Near the end, I followed my last search which lead me to Spoonflower.  I thought surely if no commercial place had created the fabric I wanted then an individual must have.  Right?  

NO, lots of great purple rabbit fabric, but still not THE one I was searching for.  After another hour or so of searching on Spoonflower I went back to my original post for the purple fabric.  I must say I was a tad bit broken hearted.  Now my life’s mission is to design the RIGHT shade of purple fabric with the RIGHT bunny look before the year is out!  I WILL HAVE MY PURPLE BUNNY FABRIC.  I WILL! What? Who, me?  Obsessive, of course not.  Why would you think that?
Anywhooo, during my last search I did find the RIGHT fabric to express how I felt at the end of my purple bunny fabric search.

 This is a Furoshiki Japanese fabric, it’s Sharaku's 'The Actor' Motif.  And yes, it is cotton.  Only I was not acting.  By the way, I LOVE this eBay store.

Now that I've given you my own little connection with the this week's photo how about I let you check it out, along with my palette and fabric bundle!

I present to you my  Color Play Friday - Tulip Festival:

Here's all the information on the fabrics in my bundle, feel free go shopping, shhhhh I won't tell! 

Buttercream™ Cosette Collection

By Juliana Horner
For Fabric Traditions

Hoffman 1895 Hand Dyed Watercolors Bali Batik

Reclaimed West Collection by Judy Niemeyer's
For Timeless Treasures

Moonlit Collection by Rashida Coleman-Hale
For Cotton & Steel

By Jo-Ann Stores
( I warned you last week that I was the odd ball that could not behave when it comes to
Color Play Friday's.  I simple could not resist this print! )

I also could not resist throwing in a backing fabric this week (I do that from time to time).  I thought this would be a too precious as a backing fabric for this project bundle:

Furoshiki Japanese Fabric

Yep, another Japanese fabric, which has rabbits.  Not purple, but rabbits.  It's also 100% cotton, and is perfectly okay to use with quilting.  Yeah!  Looks like it’s the only rabbit I am going to get in print this week. 

So there you have it my dear, the real life story of my Color Play Friday experience for this week.  If you'd like to participate in Color Play Friday, you can visit In An Otter Life or Laurel, Poppy and Pine for the rules, their contact information, and next week's photo.  If you are on Instagram you can search for o weekly palettes by using the hashtag “#ColorPlayFriday”. 

Here is a list of all the participants for this week so please head on over and check out their palettes/bundles for this week.  I love seeing how we can all be so different in our choices and sometimes so alike.  But it’s fun because we all interpret the feel of the pictures based on our own life experiences.  In the end, isn’t that really how we quilt.  We all know some of the same blocks yet our different life experiences make our palettes and fabric choices have different tones.  I love that about quilting and dancing!

Steph @ Shimmy and More 
(you're here now!)

Mindy @ Quilting Mayhem

Bethany @ Sew Not Perfect

If you'd like to see my previous palettes/bundles you can check them out here on this tab.  Please do join us back here next week for another episode.

FYI:  Here is the fabulous recipe I spoke about last week.  No picture tutorial this time, because it’s simply and quick.  Like I said, this recipe has NEVER failed at any event and always gets compliments. 

Red Velvet Cake Cookies:


Cake Mix (any flavor you like really, BUT Devil Food Cake is best as is Red Velvet)
8 oz. Cream Cheese
1 Stick of Butter
1 Egg
1 teaspoon of Vanilla
Powder Sugar

  1. Blend together the cream cheese and butter first (I have learned that it’s much easier if you let them sit on the counter top for an hour or so to soften).
  2. Then add the cake mix, egg and vanilla.
  3. Mix well and refrigerate mix until it is firm (approximately 2 hours).
  4. Form into balls and roll in powder sugar.
  5. Bake on the top rack of the oven @350 for approximately 10 minutes.
  6. I have also learned, when you take them out of the oven let the pain sit for 5 minutes.  Then place the cookies on a cooling rack for 10 minutes.
  7. I would also advise that you take this opportunity to eat a couple now, because that’s the only chance that you, the well deserved cook, will have to get some. 

For Valentine’s Day you can put a little dent in the top and gently squeeze the bottom to encourage it to take on a heart shape.  I’d love to see pictures if you try it!

Have a great weekend and happy Valentine’s Day!

Love and shimmies,

Wednesday, February 10, 2016

10" Slicer Periscope Replay

Check out @StephsgotitD's Tweet:

Friday, February 5, 2016

Color Play Friday - Hydrangea

Howdy Hon,

This has been a sickie two weeks!  After getting all four of the boys wisdom teeth pulled last week, I spent the better part of this week with migraines.  Finally the fog is starting to lift and I am joining the real world again.  And what a perfect day to do it on, cOLOR pLAY fRIDAY.  Yep, I'll feeling a little wacky, blame on the after effects.

If you are new to the blog and do not know what Color Play Friday is, you're in for a treat!  If you would like to see my previous Color Play Friday posts you can see them here.  You can find out more about it by visiting In An Otter Life or Laurel, Poppy and Pine for the rules, their contact information, and next week's photo.  We'd love to have you join us!

This week's photo belongs to Lorinda but was chosen by Trina.  When I first saw it, I really only saw some muted tones of pastels and long beautiful days on a farm someplace.  I imagined (you know I have to have a story line before I can create my palettes, teehee) I was sitting on the front porch swing sipping on a tall class of homemade lemonade, hand quilting my first hexi quilt.  My honey sitting on the front step strumming his guitar and singing the song he wrote to propose to me with.  My son and his friends out, way out, in the front yard in the pool, just hanging out and having a great day.  Everyone enjoying the gorgeous day with the nice breeze.  aaaahhhhhhhhhhhh.

I was so relaxed envisioning this scene that I feel asleep (on the couch) before I finished typing this post, LOL.  But I am awake now.  Although I am a couple of hours late posting, I can tell you I slept like a baby for the first time in 2 weeks.

So what picture was used to put me in a much need rem sleep?  See for yourself.  Tell me what does it bring to mind for you?

Color Play Friday - Hydrangea

Disclaimer:  By the way, you should know that I did try to behave myself and think about things like color balance and print sizes....BUT, each time I did I found myself changing the colors right before I started to post them.  I'm sorry, in the end, I just have to go with what I like, which may not always be the 'rules' of quilting as determined by someone else.  For me quilting is about having a finished product that I adore and a journey that has brought me to new heights in my skill level.  AND above all, it has to bring me joy.  Besides, I remember being told in Red Hats Society, "Well behaved women rarely make history", LOL.  Here you go hon:

Here are my prints I used for my palette, you can click on the title for the link to each location I found these wonderful prints at:

Migration Collections
For Michael Miller Fabrics

Fairy Frost Collections by M. E. Hordyszynski
For Michael Miller Fabrics

Garden Palette collection by Two Friends
For Benartex Fabrics

Artisan Batik Gazebo 2 Collection by Robert Kaufman

All That Jazz Collections by Chad Barrett
For Robert Kaufman Fabrics

Waterfront Park Collection by Violet Craft
For Michael Miller Fabrics

So there you have it loves.  Another palette another wonderful way to get away from the world and think fabrics, ooohhhhhhhhhh.

Don't forget to stop by and see the palettes of my fellow Color Play Friday bloggers:

Have a great weekend.  With Valentines day coming up I thought on Monday's Mystery Meat post I would share with you one of my favorite go to treats for special occasions.  I make it for family, friends, previous co-workers, meetings.  Whatever, they have ALWAYS been a hit at every event.   The preparation time is easy and the cook time is 10 minutes.  See ya back her on Monday, or next Color Play Friday.