Monday, September 28, 2015


Hello Loves,

I have so many sewing projects, quilting projects, knitting projects, DIY projects, refashion projects, cooking projects and YouTube projects just waiting to be done and/or to be shared.  This has a been an interesting year.  I've learned a lot, school will do that to you.  I have grown a lot, life will do that to you.  I've learned to trust in the Lord a lot, trials will do that to you.  I have even eaten a lot, greed will do that to you (and depression).  But here I stand today not interested in discussing the past, only to learn from it.  Today I am ready to move forward.

I still have life, school and so forth going on, but I'm focusing on good goal setting and a whole lot of "stick-to-it-ness", I heard that word in conference last year and fell in love with it.  Today (Sunday) I started in with this awesome Periscope Hop in which each Sunday we broadcast our goals for the upcoming week.  Then we have to report back on the progress of those goals and set new weekly goals.  Yep, accountability partners.  If you'd like to join or just check us out you can search using hashtag SGS (#SGS) for or weekly Setting Goals Session.  My name on Periscope is: stephsgotit (as it is for: Instagram, Pinterest, YouTube, emails: or, Twitter is with a 'D': stephsgotitD, look me up anytime).  Life is just clouded with stuff, as always.  I'm working on not becoming "stufficated", another jewel from conference.  But to use my time, efforts, and talents to the best that I can to help myself; so I can be in a better place to help others.  (Shhhhh, and have more fun.)

One of the things I am set to start on Monday the 28th is the Farmer's Wife 1930's Quilt Sew-along.  I found this group on Facebook.  While visiting a quilt shop on our anniversary trip my honey found the quilting book and was reading some of the letters in the book.  He suggested that I get the book because I would appreciate reading it.  So we did.  Then weeks later I found the sewing group and decided to join.  Unfortunately by book was the one from the 1920's, which had different quilt blocks.  After reviewing our budget I bought the 1930's version and am now ready to begin.  I am going to use whatever fabrics I already have in my stash, as I am sure these women did.  You can also find quick pictures and steps of interest on my Pinterest board here.

I've also been having the best time getting to know the ladies from the Crafty Gemini Quilt Club, with Vanessa Vargas-Wilson, her blog is here.  If you don't know her she has an awesome YouTube channel and a new channel, Crafty Gemini Creates with Missouri Star Quilt Company (love me some Jenny Doan).  If you want to learn about quilting and various DIY's check her out.  The quilt club does swaps and I have learned so much and gotten to know some wonderful people.  I'll also start reporting on those and the projects that I create for them (not any trade secrets of course, but you are welcome to join for the club, you get your money worth and so much more).  I don't know why it did not occur to me earlier to share that with you, blockhead.  Of course you can find her on Facebook here.

No empty promises about what's coming to the site.  It's all about action, so you'll just have to catch my Monday's.

Thank you so much to those of you new and old who have popped in to check out this lonely empty house.  You'll start to hear the pitter patter of little project feet in no time.

Here are some pictures of some of the things I have been doing for the swaps, some product reviews and just some fun stuff I've played with in preparation for one of the Monday specials.  Some you may see stories on later and some you may not.  Some are already typed, sitting and waiting for their turn to be post.  If one sparks your interest let met know!



Love and Shimmies,