Monday, November 12, 2012

Quilting Anyone?

We'll I finally did another long loved thing on my list.  I started quilting, sorta!  I am going to sign up for a class in January but in the mean time I wanted to play with stuff.  So I bought some charm packets and proceeded to pin them together.  Well, I wasn't exactly crazy about that look.  At the quilt shop the lady told me that one of the gals had come in and decided that she would just sew the charm packets together.  I figured I could do that.  Again, did not like it.  So I went to a valuable resource, YouTube, and searched all videos quilting.  I came across an X's and O's quilt pattern and thought, surely I can do that.  So back to the quilt shop, told her my plans to play with this until the next class starts and she helped me pick all the basic supplies any quilter needs.  So $145.00 later...

I started my dream.  Not being able to focus a lot of time on it due to the funeral of my father-in-law (great man) and family vacation then off the TM conference.  It was a busy month for our family.  I did small amounts of hand work as I could (mostly while riding in the car back and forth).  Then finally I realized if I at least knew how to do it by hand, if I had to, then that's okay.  Let's move on the sewing machine and get her done!  So, I sewed all my charms and batiks into the corners.  In one afternoon I laid them all out in the designed I wanted and sewed them all together.  Woo-Hoo!!

During our monthly shopping trip I manage to pick up some flannel for the backing so it's nice and warm.  Thursday I'll take it (my top layer) in and let them pick out all my errors (so I'll know better next time).  I will get some batting and do my sashing.  By weeks end I should have that puppy all done.  I am going to leave my errors, it'll be proof I had very little idea of what I was doing and a reminder that I can't see in a straight line nevertheless draw and cut, LOL.  But it's my first and with no supervisor, just a video from YouTube and the printed pattern she was kind enough to create for us.

I am sooooo happy, just tickled pink that I finally got to follow another long awaited dream.  Now to my list of adventures I will be able to add 'Quilter'!

Bad Blogger, Steph!!

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