Tuesday, January 22, 2013

New Year, New Me!

Okay, new year, new things happening, I am really gonna try harder to post at least once a week.  Plus I've got all these cool recipes and ideas to share and what better outlet than this blog, after all it IS already set up and waiting to be used.  

I will really try to share something weekly, so this week I'll start be sharing one of my favorite things to do.  Although I'd been away from my love for a while, when I started me beloved company Genoubee Inc., a Dance and Fitness Studio, I knew I had to get back into it.  I am still not where I was before but I'm slowly working on it and getting back into the shimmy (groove, lol).  Along with offering Zumba(R) [I have not learned to make the sign yet for on the blog site so I resulted to the old fashion way for now...I told her I was a terribly blogger, now you see :-)] I now offer Zumba(R) Toning.  The studio has been such an emotional blessing and such an uplifting place that I truly enjoy being a part of.  

I am also redoing my craft/sewing room.  This is truly a process, considering we continued to stack boxes in it.  But I painted a book shelf today, a rather interesting color for a bookshelf let me assure you and will add some stuff to it and see what happens.  Got lots of ideas floating around, more details and pictures to come, sooner or later.

Happy 2013, let's make it count!

Love and Shimmies,
Genoubee (Steph, not only is that the name of my studio it's my belly dancer name - it means the southerner.  You know I love the South)!

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