Friday, February 5, 2016

Color Play Friday - Hydrangea

Howdy Hon,

This has been a sickie two weeks!  After getting all four of the boys wisdom teeth pulled last week, I spent the better part of this week with migraines.  Finally the fog is starting to lift and I am joining the real world again.  And what a perfect day to do it on, cOLOR pLAY fRIDAY.  Yep, I'll feeling a little wacky, blame on the after effects.

If you are new to the blog and do not know what Color Play Friday is, you're in for a treat!  If you would like to see my previous Color Play Friday posts you can see them here.  You can find out more about it by visiting In An Otter Life or Laurel, Poppy and Pine for the rules, their contact information, and next week's photo.  We'd love to have you join us!

This week's photo belongs to Lorinda but was chosen by Trina.  When I first saw it, I really only saw some muted tones of pastels and long beautiful days on a farm someplace.  I imagined (you know I have to have a story line before I can create my palettes, teehee) I was sitting on the front porch swing sipping on a tall class of homemade lemonade, hand quilting my first hexi quilt.  My honey sitting on the front step strumming his guitar and singing the song he wrote to propose to me with.  My son and his friends out, way out, in the front yard in the pool, just hanging out and having a great day.  Everyone enjoying the gorgeous day with the nice breeze.  aaaahhhhhhhhhhhh.

I was so relaxed envisioning this scene that I feel asleep (on the couch) before I finished typing this post, LOL.  But I am awake now.  Although I am a couple of hours late posting, I can tell you I slept like a baby for the first time in 2 weeks.

So what picture was used to put me in a much need rem sleep?  See for yourself.  Tell me what does it bring to mind for you?

Color Play Friday - Hydrangea

Disclaimer:  By the way, you should know that I did try to behave myself and think about things like color balance and print sizes....BUT, each time I did I found myself changing the colors right before I started to post them.  I'm sorry, in the end, I just have to go with what I like, which may not always be the 'rules' of quilting as determined by someone else.  For me quilting is about having a finished product that I adore and a journey that has brought me to new heights in my skill level.  AND above all, it has to bring me joy.  Besides, I remember being told in Red Hats Society, "Well behaved women rarely make history", LOL.  Here you go hon:

Here are my prints I used for my palette, you can click on the title for the link to each location I found these wonderful prints at:

Migration Collections
For Michael Miller Fabrics

Fairy Frost Collections by M. E. Hordyszynski
For Michael Miller Fabrics

Garden Palette collection by Two Friends
For Benartex Fabrics

Artisan Batik Gazebo 2 Collection by Robert Kaufman

All That Jazz Collections by Chad Barrett
For Robert Kaufman Fabrics

Waterfront Park Collection by Violet Craft
For Michael Miller Fabrics

So there you have it loves.  Another palette another wonderful way to get away from the world and think fabrics, ooohhhhhhhhhh.

Don't forget to stop by and see the palettes of my fellow Color Play Friday bloggers:

Have a great weekend.  With Valentines day coming up I thought on Monday's Mystery Meat post I would share with you one of my favorite go to treats for special occasions.  I make it for family, friends, previous co-workers, meetings.  Whatever, they have ALWAYS been a hit at every event.   The preparation time is easy and the cook time is 10 minutes.  See ya back her on Monday, or next Color Play Friday.

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