Saturday, July 27, 2013

My sewing room friends!

Whipped these up up to keep me company in my sewing room.


Crystal candle stick holder from the dollar tree
Ribbon on hand, mine was 1 1/4 inches wide
Hot glue gun
Small mason jars, also from the dollar store, but you can get them from the grocery store or a yard sale.

First I cutoff a 9 1/2 inch piece of ribbon, then a 3 1/2 inch piece.  Put them aside.

I cut an additional 3 pieces of ribbon at about 3 inches each.  Then I took the top out to the mason jar lid and carefully glued those three pieces to the lid with the hot glue gun (just a lip drop), overlaying each on top of the previous piece.  If your ribbon has lines you may want to match those up, or not.

Carefully using the hot glue gun place a line all around the mason jar ring.  Take the 9 1/2 inch piece of ribbon and wrap it around the mason jar ring (do not add the lid to the top until after this step).  Make sure there are no holes between the ribbon and the ring (remember you are going to be refilling your little treats over and over again so you want a good seal).  Be careful NOT to put any hot glue on the inside of the ring (you won't be able to close the jar if there is glue in the way).  Also make sure that you completely glue the ribbon closed on the ring.

Take the 3 1/2 inch piece of ribbon and hot glue it to the bottom (or wherever you like) part of the crystal candle stick the same way you glued it to the ring (but with less stress on you because this one can't mess up you lid, yeah)!

Now, fill you special treat jar with M&M, Dove, taffy, caramels, or if you like dried pineapple, carrot chips, whatever floats your boat.  Then place your lid, with the ribbon side facing down, into your ring.  Careful not to ruffle your nice glue job on the ring (it was really quite easy and no stress, they are not that tight, so just plop it in).

Finally, place your lid on you jar, yeah.  Oh, but wait...

One more step.  Take the hot glue gun and place a strip of glue in the top circle of your crystal candle stick.  Center your mason jar bottom (actually I've done these with upside down votive holders, so whatever container you have handy will work) on the glue ring on the top of the candle stick.  Then quickly squeeze on a little more hot glue before it starts to dry.  Press down and hold for 30 sections or so.

Now, stand back and check out just how crafty you are!  Enjoy!

Until next time...

Love and Stitches, 


  1. i like youe post and thank's for your infromation ^___^

    1. thank You For StoPping By. More To Come This Year, Stop In And See!