Wednesday, January 15, 2014

Goodbye 2013, hello 2014

 Okay, sooooooo, last year was interesting.
My favorite dress I made from a pattern!
I made a baby quilt for my nephew by heart.  It was used to wrap him in after he was born.  That was awesome.  My wonderful sister and brother by heart, Venita and James, invited me to be a part of their birthing experience again, this time for number 10 [yeah, wow].  Although I've been in the birthing room with them on the last few births this was still quite a new experience for us, each time has been something new.  Ahhh, the joys of childbirth.  In my opinion (and I do love all my children) it's better watched than experienced, hahaha.  Well, except those moments when you're holding hands with the mom (who was set on doing this naturally) gets a labor pain and she's holding your hand.  Ouch, sharp nails hon, sharp nails!  I made my nephew a colorful baby animal quilt using pinwheels.  The backing was a nice fleece in a different color than the prints.  I have no idea what that fleece color was, but it was just a nice dark but bold color.  I loved that color as soon as I saw it and it was so soft.  Instead of binding I folded the fleece around to the front and did a pretty (in most spots) stitch with little hearts.  Obviously it was my first time using that stitch.  But it was truly stitched in love and I felt the hearts were appropriate.

My first lap quilt is still half stippled [hey, don't judge me, life went into many directions].  I got a new sewing machine for my birthday and a serger for Christmas.  But I could not stipple on my new machine, just couldn't figure it all out.  So I set up my little Janome to be my stippling sewing machine, I will finish and close that little project this year.  I also stared a quilt with a Jacob's Ladder block, rain out of charm squares and could not find the print anywhere.  Ebay had some of the line but I need the whole line to have the flow of the pattern continue and look nice.  Alas, the 10 blocks I have are still in my handy dandy DIY portable UFO (unfinished objects) holder.  Maybe i'll just put them together as a lap quilt  or add some really wide borders to make a bigger quilt and give to someone in a nursing home.  Yes, that's a great idea, see typing this stuff out is bringing new ideas into my mind.  Awesome!!

I joined the 350 Block Project again this year, although last year was a wash because I started learning to sew clothes.  But I am back on track this year to divide my time equally between sewing clothes, belly dance wear, quilting and some other sewing projects.  I absolutely LOVE to sew.  My name is Steph and I'm a sewaholic!!!

My natural hair journey is still going.  Almost 20 years now.  But it's these last few years that I have been learning to make my own hair products and use different techniques to do some really cool styles (in my best Landon voice, 'Yeah Me!').  I have lots of wonderful, kind and sharing instructors at that fine institution of, he-he.  I've enjoyed making all my yummy hair products.  Also in knowing that only good stuff is going on my wonderfully textured unique and awesome hair.  It was a love hate relationship for a while there but we (by we I mean my hair) have decided that she (my hair) will do whatever she wants to and I will work with it has best I can. hahaha.  I got plenty of new growth, when I was consistent with my new skills and knowledge in creating a good hair care regiment.  But none, dare I say even lost some, when I was inconsistent (in other words when I was too lazy to take all the necessary steps to ensure healthy hair, sigh).  I was tickled pink to see length in places which I had not been able to get it before, ahem,  like in the back!!!

I look forward to having a great new year with lots of new experiences.  Some other things I started doing last year and expect new heights in this year:  Toastmasters International - speech contest chair person for local and area contests, officer roles - secretary and Vice President of Education; Unit Commissioner in Boy Scouts of America; created AfroCentric Hips Bellydance Troupe (and had live performances); Team Leader for Shimmy Mob 2014; another garden; practicing and performing more with my auto harp and psalter while my wonderful hubby sings and/or play other instruments; get a few more Zumba certifications; and Relief Society 2nd Counselor, just to name a few!

Although I did not blog much this year, I did not better than previous years.  Soooooo, this year let's simply aim for posting once a week, ummm, every Monday!! Yep, when I get really good at that I may start breaking the topics up for certain days.  But right now let's just focus on every Monday!!

Here's to great new year, these are some of my favorite pics from 2013!!

For a Fall Challenge to design you line I had to create a Inspiration Board, LOVE this board!!

These are some of my Fall Line pieces (the wrap is from a pattern)!

This is reconstruct, evening dress to belly dance bra/hip scarf!

Pencil skirt I made using my own measurements!

Afrocentric Hips Belly Dance Troupe performance!

Made this dress out of remnant piece!!

                         Dateless prom for youth, we chaperoned.


       The baby pinwheel quilt I made and cute little nephew Timmy!

  Portable DIY UFO holder.

Self drafted dress.

A GREAT hair day, twist out!

From this stack of supplies to.....

To these batches of yummy hair products!!!!

My favorite dress I made from a pattern!
The coat was not made, at least by hand.

The garden produce lots of veggies.  of course, some didn't make it, lol.

The half stippled lap quilt!

I thought this went wrong, heh.

Zumba time baby, guest instructor as an event!

My Zumba and troupe partner at an event!

Museum visit with out son in Dayton, Ohio!

There you have it, that's a wrap!

Love and Shimmies, Steph!!

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