Thursday, February 13, 2014

Quiltography App!

This is with my new Quiltography app for the IPad!  Since I'm sick in bed and can't play with my beloved CindyLoo (my main sewing machine) and fabric this is  the next best thing. Of course, it would be greater if I had taken the time to actually load all my stash into the program. Heavy sigh, at the moment I only have 5 to 7 fat quarters loaded into the app.  This quilt design still has a way to go but It was just something to play around with for now. 

Oh well, tomorrow I'll try again to get around only much slower and no heaters!

Maybe at some point this weekend I'll get the rest of my stash into the app.  I've created a block, at least I think I created, I don't recall seeing it on any other site or any books I have (but it probably is, quilting has been around for so long and the shapes they had were pretty common). Oh well, it's my creation in my mind for now, 'Yeah me!'

Love and shimmies, Steph!

(I love technology, to be able to blog from my bed with my cool blogger smartphone app, awesome sauce !!) 

P.S. I Do Have A Valentines Make-It, But Unfortunately I Won't Be Able To Make It For My Guys Since I Was Sick Half Of this Week. But I Will Still Do It Later And Maybe You Can Find It On Pinterst For Next Year's V-Day Special Gift. 

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