Monday, April 14, 2014

Make-It Monday: Woo-Hoo

It seems like I have been away forever.  I am sooooo happy to have my baby (laptop) powered up again.

I had intended to do this little tutorial before Easter week, but life happens.

Today I am going to share a very easy simple little project that can bring so much joy to both you as you make it and the receiver of this darlin' little hand made gift (or for your own decorations).  I learned to do this little craft several years ago at Stake Relief Society "Super Saturday" event.  I thought it was the cutest little thing.  Well, after cleaning out some boxes in my sewing room I ran across it and thought this would be a cute little gift/craft for Easter, so here you go hon!  I created the best kind of little bunny couple, the kind that I don't have to worry about more popping up, LOL!

Dish Towel Bunny

Materials Needed:

1 dish towel
2 washcloths

Are you ready?  Okay, let's do this!

  • Lay you dishtowel on the table with the wrong side up (tag).  

  • Fold your towel lengthwise in thirds.    

(this picture looks like it may be crosswise but it's not, I turned the camera and should have rotated the picture, my bad!)

  • You may now place this folded towel off to the side, we'll get back to it momentarily.

  • Grab one of your washcloths and start at one corner, then roll that corner to the middle of the washcloth.

  • Then take the opposite corner and begin to roll it up to the middle of the towel (you make have to play with this a couple of times until you get used to making it and figure out what size fold you like the best!)   

This will be your ears for your cute little bunny!

  • Next, fold the top part of the dishtowel down to about 1/3 of the way.  (This is per the original directions I was given.  But for the life of me I could not get it to look like that was a sensible thing to do.  So what I did was for my boy bunny I made them even and for my girl bunny I made about a 1.5 to 2 inch difference in the length of the body.  You'll see it clearer in the pictures at the end.)

  •  Take your washcloth "ears" that you made earlier and lay them inside that fold.  

  • Grab the ears by the points and pull up tightly. 


 Now, take a piece of ribbon, whatever color you like and tie it around the dishtowel as close as you can get under the bunny ears.  Tie a knot in the ribbon and tie a bow.  (I cut my boy at 12 inches for a small bow, but you can make it as large or as small as you like.)

(I decide to do a girl because boy was not meant to be alone!)

  • Then tie another bow under the bulge that you made with the ears.

This makes your bunny's head!  Aw, it's coming together now!!

  • Take your second washcloth and begin at the edge and roll it up, this will be you little bunny arms.

  • Now, slide the "arms" in between the back and front of the dishtowel up the the "neck".  Tie a bow under the arms.  This makes the bunny's waist.  (I would also add to make sure that the back side of the washcloth "arms" is touching the inside of the back piece of the dishtowel and facing in downward position, if not it will bug you in the reversed order, trust me on this one!)

  • Now the directions said to bring the "hands" to the front and tie at the "wrists" with another bow.  Yet the first time, and this time, I did not do that.  I can only assume, in my own defense, that I simply did not like that.  Therefore, I must have subconsciously blocked out that part of the directions, both times.  Sooo, you are left to try that one for yourself!  If you are going to attach something like a wooden spoon or jar of something to your bunny then of course, it would be a great idea to tie his/her wrists together so they can hold the item(s).  I wanted my couple to hold each other, of course I suppose I could tie their "arms" around each other, but not right not.  I like their 'arms" free for now!  If you like it by all means shoot me a picture and let me see, I am 'stephsgotit' on Instagram!

Notes:   As I said earlier I wanted a clear distinction between my boy and my girl.  So for my boy bunny, once I folded the dishtowel in thirds lenghtwise, I folded that in half on each end to make him, I don't know, manlier, lol, yeah, whatever.

For my girl bunny I made sure her dress tail was wider, so after I folded in thirds lengthwise I did nothing else to hers.  However, I did make the top layer 1.5 to 2 inches shorter.  I was able to adjust the lengths by pulling on tail ends after I tied the "ears" off.  

So if you put the two together you can clearly see a boy and a girl, Yeah!!  I also tried to make their body shapes slightly different.  You can play around with all kids of shapes and sizes.  Have fun with it!!

I shall name them the Mr. and Mrs. Nostrum!  Meet Peter and Mary Nostrum.

Now if you want to get really creative I'm sure you can added lace to her dress tail and little eyes to their faces.  Sew on whiskers and such and just really go all out.  The possibilities are endless.  Again, if you do I would love to see them please post a picture here, on instagram at or on my facebook page at

Well shug, it's been a long day and I think I am going to turn in.  I have a million assignments due this week so onward and upward hon!!

Love and Shimmies,

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  1. What a cute little couple :-) Love this diy/craft project!