Friday, April 11, 2014

Still waiting for computer plug to arrive

Hello hon,

Heavy sigh... I am still waiting for the new charger cord to arrive for my laptop.  I recently just got a new battery for it, now this.  So there still will be no blogging for yet another week lost.  Yes I could actually blog with my IPad or like I'm doing with this post, use my cell phone.  But have you every tried to type a whole list of instructions with step by step pictures?  I assure you it is not something to do unless you have ALL day, enjoying pecking at miniature keys one by one for EXTENDED periods of time, enjoy mini screens, have good eyesight, and the  patience of a saint (neither of which I possess).  Monday's are not looking so great for this chic.  But, I am determined to get a consistent schedule, this is now a challenge. 

As soon as the necessary equipment arrives and I am able to power the old girl back up (laptop, not me) I will put up a step by step tutorial on how to make the cutest little Easter gift/decoration from only 2 simple things you already have around the house! 

Love and Shimmies,

P.S. Good thing shimmies don't run off electricity, I can power one of those babies up anytime, anywhere, shimmmmmmmmyyyy!

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