Tuesday, July 22, 2014

Monday - ahh, yeah, late

Hello Honey,

Late this week.  Suprise there ah?

Last week was my anniversary so we were on our 4th honeymoon (as dh likes to call our anniversary trips, lol). However, I did record the 'first look' into my second stitch fix box for your review.  I will spend the week editing it and post it for ya on this upcoming Monday.  

Below is a picture of the cool serger box bag from the review I did 2 weeks ago.  Since I didn't have any takers for the freebies I decided to make one for a WAHM swap I participated in.  Actually, I did three of them trying to get it just perfect.  It was not perfect but I sent it anyway.  The teenager even took one to the earlier attempts on the bag.  This was an awesome zippered box bag.  Who knew you could install a zipper with a serger and it actually stands up like a box.  Loving it!!  The theme for the swap was 'the beach'.  Wellllllllll, that made things a bit harder, being in a city with limited fabric options.  But I finally found something at Hobby Lobby.  So I went with it.  Whadyathink (Translation: what do you think, lol)?  The little square in the middle is a matching business card holder I also made for the person I received.  I even had a greenish seahorse button for it, teehee.  I thought it was too cute!

I am finally taking another belly dance class.  This will hopefully help to get me started again sooooo... I found this cool wine colored fabric with these thin shiny gold lines.  I think these are gonna rock as a sweet pair of tribal pants.  I self drafted a pattern and made a mock up pair (that I actually wore to class).  My classes for a 6 week session will start on Thursday so I will let you know how the tribal pants work and then I'll post a tut for them.  Since I also have a workshop on Saturday I may make two pairs.  I am so excited to get these rusty hips and broken shimmy back into action.  Although I have never taken any classes on tribal style of belly dance I am looking forward to it.  I love the fluidity of their movement.  I will learn as much as I can about all styles and take what I like and leave the rest, this will help me to create my own sense of interpretation of music with the dance.  The more moves I have in my database the more choices I have to create to be free!

Well, that's about it for this week. My anniversary trip was great, I even found some fabric, of course, lol.  Oh and I am cooking the luncheon this weekend so I'll have a new recipe to report on and share with you.  So that's three things I know I'll be posting for the next three Mondays, woohoo, no excuses because these have to be done.  :-)

Ok, off to editing now, that is such an involved and slow process, sigh.

Love and shimmies,

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