Tuesday, July 29, 2014

Still Editing, software update, temp Break!

Howdy Hons,

Yep it's Monday, and yes I am editing the video for Stitch Fix Review Box #2.  Apparently I was late getting the update for my editing software, sigh.

I was beginning to wonder should I just give this up, this blogging thing.  I mean really, I have homeschooling for our son about to start in a month, I will be starting school for myself as well, just got a new calling in church, two new roles in Toastmasters, taking a tribal bellydance class, sewing for myself, sewing for charity, learn to play (again) and practice my autoharp and psalter for a Christmas performance with my honey, learn to play something else, and or course everyday life like cleaning (which I hate), cooking, being a better wife, a better mother, scripture study, prepare Zumba classes, bellydance troupe practice...That sounds like a full plate already without the aggravation of trying to blog.  Especially when no one sees it but me, sigh.

So that brought me to one major question.  Why did I want to do this blog in the first place?  What drives me to constantly be thinking of ways to make it better?  Why do I feel like a failure if I don't put a post up?  I keep coming back to the same simple answer.  The things I post about are things that I love, that I enjoy.  And it's my nature to share the things that bring me joy in hopes of helping to bring that same joy to others.

Sigh... soooooooo here I am.  I know I need to be more consistently with the times in which I post.  But it's hard sometimes to get on track when you know it's not being seen yet.  Of course, how can it be seen if it's not where it's supposed to be right?!

So I have decided to take the next couple of week off, BUT not just to sit around and mope.  Oh no, I am going to build up the posts and get a head start on them so that I have a better grasp at posting on a regular schedule about the things I said I wanted to post about.  I would like to add more sewing related posts as well since that is a major part of my life and there is always something to learn and share.  There are always cool DIY's to try and come up with.

So the next post is scheduled for August 11th!  That will  be the review and YouTube video complete with pictures, then the recipe I promised, also with pictures.  I am praying that this will help me get ahead of the game and thereby posting more quality for your bang.

Okay darlings, it's back to editing right now!

Love and Shimmies,
P.S. Remember I'll be on a short break and will be back on August 11th!!

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