Tuesday, December 15, 2015

MONDAY not forgotten, stupid forced updates

Hello Hon,

I have not forgotten Monday's post.  These stupid windows updates are being forced upon me and they've locked up my system since Sunday night.  I was able to get on only for a moment yesterday.   I walked away to help a visiting friend and the stupid thing started another update. That's 3 since Sunday and one last week.  I left it running last night hoping  toady it works be down.   Well,  it's almost lunch now and I'm still looking at 'everything is OK and where you left it' and ' don't turn off your computer'. With a big blue sky screen.  (Thankfully not the dark blue 'screen of death huh).  Sigh. As soon as this craziness let's me back into my own freaking system I'll be able to post.  I may figured I'd make this update so you know I'm still consistently posting,  yeah! I'm doing this with the app on my phone,  but it's hard to type more than a few lines.  Please forgive any typos hard to spot on a small screen. 

Let's just plan to meet back here tomorrow, as today dies not seem to be looking too bright to get to my files for posting.  My poor honey got caught for a little while also as we both have same laptops.  Arg!

Love and Shimmies,


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