Friday, January 29, 2016

Color Play Friday - Crab Pot Seattle, Washington

Well, it’s been a while Hon,   

I had a long post that was ready to go at top of year (and it’s still sitting there), but technical difficulties happened.  I still can’t get the sound to come through on the video.  So I just went on strike for a second, lol.  I HAD to walk away and REgroup.  More about that later in a Monday Madness post.  Today’s post is about something really fun.  Color Play Friday!  Woo-hoo, you know I love this opportunity to play with color and my imaginary future quilt projects.  Okay it may be waaayyyy in the future, but I will have it all documented right on my Color Play Friday page!  Color Play Friday began when Lorinda over at Laurel, Poppy and Pine and Trina over at In An Otter Life were talking and they ended up with this wonderful idea.  You can learn more about the guidelines we follow here and you can see my previous Color Play Friday posts on this page here.  They extended the offer to play to others and well, here we are.  This week there are a couple of reviews for you to go check out, since a couple more ladies have jumped on board. 

This week’s photo is soooo yummy, it belongs to Trina.  It is so bright and vivid.  Not only did staring at it make me hungry, but it sent me on this wild story in my mind.  I instantly saw colors with my favorite types of fabric, whimsical!  So this is yet another wacky color palette from the mind of another ‘Mad Hatter’.  Some of these I might not have chosen in real life, for fear of it being too much, but for Color Play Friday, I break the rules baby!

Once I had my color palette complete I started thinking of half square triangles.  Ummmmm….  Simple, right?  But that’s what came to me as I was staring at this wildly bright little collection of patterned fabrics.   I felt I had to tone it down a bit for the back side of my imaginary  future quilt though.  I have never been to Washington, but my goodness this makes me want to hop on a plan right now for a fun filled weekend loaded with good food.  Wonder what I came up with, check it out…

Crab Pot Seattle, Washington

Listed below are the places where I found each of these wonderful, expressive prints:

by Michael Miller

by Oxford Fabric
(hey, it's cotton, yes I did it!)

by Tamara Kate
for Michael Miller Fabrics

by MoMo
for Moda

by Michael Miller Fabrics 
for Michael Miller

 by Timeless Treasures

So there you have it hon!  I hope you enjoyed seeing deep into the mind of a flower child lost in fabric space.  If you think you might like to join the fun by all means please contact Lorinda or Trina!  If you are interest in joining next week, here's Lorinda's picture, "Hydrangea".  You can start working on it today.

Color Play Friday is growing, please don’t forget to head on over and check out these ladies today:

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                 Ø  Yvonne at (quiltydream)

Love and Shimmies,


  1. I'm so glad you joined us again- I love the glimpses into your mind! Love all your fabrics, but the soup cans- AMAZING! I think I might need to get that fabric very soon. :)

    1. It's a weird place to be sometime, my mind. LOL. I am glad to be back, I'm working up to the Monday's again. But the Color Play Fridays are just a nice break away from school and responsibility to various organizations. I know that soup can was far out to add in the pallette, but I could not help it. I too want to order some of that fabric to make a skirt, teehee. Can you picture, but I'm going to do it!

  2. Hi Steph, I love the pink blog! I also love your fabric choices. Chirp Chirp is really pretty.

    1. Hi Yvonne, thanks for checking it out. I really thought chirp chirp could have been left out, but I may couldn't. It was so cute.

  3. Everything turned out so different this week. It seems like we each might have a little common with each blog, but seriously so different. I love it!

    I'm glad to see you jumping in again Steph! Yay!!

    1. Yes, Trina they were all so different, and I love it. There were about 2 colors everyone had then bamm, all the differences popped in. I'm glad to be back! It was a great picture to stay back with!