Saturday, March 26, 2016

Color Play Friday - Dry Sparkling Company

Howdy Hon,

Welcome to another round of  Color Play Friday!

I got the cutest little fabric postcard in the mail from a SWAP I am participating in.   I have been staring at it on my cutting table all day today as I finished a SWAP item for my on-line quilt club.  So that has gotten me through the day and made me smile quite a bit, it's so cute.  It's from a fabric postcard swap with the theme of Woodland.  I'll share it on Quilty Thursday, next week.  In that post I will also share from my quilt club swap.  I'll show what I received and what I sent.  It's funny the first paper piecing I've ever done and I'm giving it away, no worries though.  I made sure to photograph it.

But let's talk color!  Color Play Friday was created by Lorinda over at Laurel, Poppy, and Pine and her good friend Trina over at In An Otter Life.  They opened it for others to join the fun every week and here I am today, A Color Play Friday Girl, teehee.  If you'd like to get more details on CPF and how you can join the fun please contact the ladies at  They'll give you all the details including next week's photo.

Today's picture belongs to Trina and was taken at the Dry Sparkling Company in Seattle, Washington.  It looks very interesting.  I would love to hear how it went and did she get to taste anything.  There are so many new places added to my travel wish list thanks to Color Play Friday.

Let's take a look shall we.

Like to know about these awesome fabrics, see below:

Flower Fairies Fabric Collection
Michael Miller Fabrics

Mendo Collection by Heather Ross
Windham Fabrics

L's Modern Basics Collection 

Chipper Collection by Tula Pink
FreeSpirit Fabrics

Butterflies Collection by Lizzy House
Andover Fabrics

Arrow Flight Collection
Michael Miller Fabrics

I used Moda Fabrics Palette Builder 2.1 Powered by Playcrafts to decide on my color palette for the photos.  The builder gives me a selection of Moda Bella Solids, Aurifil Threads and Hex Values for each of the photos.   I then use those selections to search for my fabric bundles.  I like finding "different" styles of fabrics.  Yes, sometimes wild, but hey, that's the beauty of loving fabric!  I'll also be using their hashtag #modapalettebuilder, per their request.  It's the least I can do to say thank you for providing a great tool.  OH, that reminds me - on Quilty Thursday I'll also share the amazing Color Map I got from SpoonFlower.  Yes, I finally got to open it and take a good long look!

There you have it hon!  Now please go check out the other ladies who are playing this week.  It's exciting to see the same picture from different perspectives.  Don't forget if you would like to join us (that would be so awesome!) you can contact Lorinda and Trina @ for all the details and next week's photo.

This week's players for ColorPlayFriday are:  
             Steph @ Shimmy and More (thank you so much for stopping by) 
                     Lorinda @ Laurel, Poppy, and Pine
                               Trina @ In An Otter Life
                                         Bethany @ Sew Not Perfect
                                                      Chrissy  @ Love Hazel Honey
                                                                                                                               Jennifer @ That's Sew Creative
                                                                                  Sarah S. @ 123 Quilt 

You can also do a social media check for our palettes by using the hashtag 
#ColorPlayFriday.  You can check out my previous Color Play Friday posts here!

Love and Shimmies,


  1. Great bundle this week! I love that Heather Ross print. I think it works really well with the inspiration photo.

    1. Thanks Sarah. Yes I thought she worked great with the photo. I pretty new to her, but love her already!