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Monday MADNESS - Monthly Box Subscription?

Howdy Hon,

It's MARCH! Why am I screaming that, someone very special was born this month, ME!  hahaha

I want to make this month a busy and happy month.  I've been really struggling with issues and my emotions lately.  I really have worked to keep depression at bay (is that the right word?).  I have a wonderful life don't get me wrong.  But sometimes you just can't control the way you feel, inside.

So, here's the first of many awesome things to bring a smile to my face and give me something to work on this month:

Quilty Box - some things I've gotten and progress
    1. Crafty Gemini 10" Slicer
    2. English Paper Piecing
    3. Modern Quilting  

What's in a Quilty Box? While every month is a surprise, you can anticipate a lot of quilting awesomeness to get your creative juices flowing. 

This is the really nice and super sturdy box we get in the mail each month!

If you have not heard of this, it's a box subscription that is curated each month by different people who are big on quilting.  I have had the subscription service for about 3 months now.  The owners are a husband wife team.  It has been quite a joy receiving a box every month, it's like a monthly surprise box.  You don't know ahead of time what you are going to get, but you do have the option of not participating any month that you don't want to as long as you let them know by certain date.  

I was really worried about having different people curating the box each month.  I started with the month that Crafty Gemini was the curator.  I trusted her, and know she would make good chooses and spend our money wisely.  When there are people you don't know as curator (remember I am still relatively new in the quilting world), well... I was little worried.  Have I liked it, YES!  Over all I am learning to do some fun stuff (I'll tell you about 3 of them further down).  Have I liked every item in every box, of course not.  But, even the items I did not like (for example a charm pack in small flower prints) have proven to be well chosen for the project given in the box that month (more details below).   It has been a great experience and I am growing in my skill level.  I can't wait to get this month's box.  What I had to learn was that each box allowed me the opportunity to learn something I didn't know while also providing the tools by which to use that new skill.  The items in the box were not something for me to put in a stash of fabric or supplies to be used sometime in the future.  But to get up and use it right now.  It encouraged me to get busy NOW, not to wait for some perfect project that may not come into play until years down the road.  

Crafty Gemini 10" Slicer 

As I stated above I started withe the box that Crafty Gemini curated.  She has an on-line quilt club which I have been a member of since it began, Crafty Gemini Quilt Club.  I love this club and am so thankful for it and all of Vanessa's projects, ideas, inventions, etc.  She told us about the Quilty Box and of course we immediately went out and join this service.  In this box Vanessa debuted her new ruler that she'd created, the 10"Slicer Quilting Template, which is not just a one trick pony; you may find it here.

If you'd like to see some ways that I used the slicer you can watch my Periscope broadcast that I loaded onto my YouTube channel below:

As I do more projects I will load up more videos, some from Periscope and some just on my YouTube channel.

But isn't this ruler the coolest.  I loved letting my inhibitions go and just had fun with it.  It was freeing to not follow some strict rules someone created and just go with the flow of what I liked.  I can't wait to finish a few more blocks and then sew my topper.  I have no idea of how I will quilt it, but I'm looking forward to it.

These are my blocks for my quilt top, no rules not pattern block using the slicer:

English Paper Piecing 

The next month I got a box dedicated to English Paper Piecing.  Now this was perfect timing because I was just researching and getting into paper piecing.  I thought wow this was right on time.

You can see in the picture all the things included in the box:

Actually, there is a book missing from this picture AND they did not come sewn into little triangles.  I had already started working on the project when it dawned on my I had not taken a photo. 

My first English Paper Piecing star, but...what else does that remind you of,
gobble gobble.  Yes, I'm weird, I know.

You can also see the broadcast uploaded to my YouTube channel below:

All the videos give my honest reaction (I'm learning that sometimes that's good and sometimes it's not).  As I mentioned previously, you can see my lack of excitement about the small flower print of the charm pack (I really don't like that type of print).

As I started to play with that box of piecing supplies that's when I realized that the box was to provide  me with things I did not have and had not tried before.  Not to build up my ever growing stash, to sit on a shelf and wait for the perfect project that may or may not come along.  As I cut my pieces and start to make my star I realized that that print was actually perfect for that project.  I got to learn how to piece and then made my first star.  It was very cool.  Of course all that did not really settle into my mind and heart until after I got that next month's box.

Modern Quilting 

The next month was curated by The Tattoo Quilter, I'm new enough in the game that I am still learning the names of the many quilting super stars.  But I was surprised that he took the time to look at and like one of my Instagram pictures (EPP).  Hey, I'm a simply girl, doesn't take much to make me happy.  So I was really looking forward to the box he was curating.

You will not find the broadcast for that one.  Because I am not good at hiding my true emotions (hence the sometimes good and sometimes not so good on my true reactions) I was not sure I should post it.  But this is where that epiphany began to take place.  I reminded myself of what I had just learned last month.  Trying something new, the need of the resources by which to try the new thing and not wanting more stuff to add to my collection.  So I held off posting that broadcast while I examined myself and my true reason for ordering these boxes.  Was it just to have something to post about, just to have something to talk about, just to brag about, to impress others, to hoard....  I discovered the true answer and it changed how I now view this cool service.

In finding my own reasons, and having already received a few boxes that allowed me to create awesome things.  I came to understand the value the boxes now had for me.  I am more of a traditional quilt lover.  I don't particularly care for a a lot of negative space and free designs, or so I thought.  As I watched broadcasts of Quilt Con I began to realize there were modern quilts that I enjoyed seeing.  The details in the quilting was often mind blowing.  The negative space had purpose and also told a story just like traditional quilts.  With this new found view I began to get excited about the box of modern quilting.  The Tattooed Quilter gave us his pattern for a modern quilt and how to quilt it.  Can I, yes I can, tell you I am so stoked about doing this quilt.  It will be my first Modern Quilt attempt.  I just bought my yellow fabric today.  This will also be my first time using the covenanted Aurifil thread, as I said before I'm nervous about that.  I don't want to waste such quality thread.  But I have decided to love my quilt no matter what, not to be too hard on myself.  I am truly my worst critic!

Again, this is a wonderful opportunity for me to learn and grow, doing something I have never done.  Once that finally sank into my mind, I understood why I order this box service.  I understood that I will be enjoying all the wonderful things it will help me to learn.  I am such a hands on learner! AND I am looking forward to all the fun I will be having, as well as all the projects I will be making.  

You can see what was in the box he curated here:

Well, I think I have gone on and on for a minute now.  I'm sure you, like me, has stuff to do huh?  Thank you so much for taking time out of your day to share a bit of my day!

Love and Shimmies,

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