Tuesday, March 4, 2014

Monday Madness, NOT

Yes, I know, it's Tuesday!  The day after Monday. Sigh!

I will not post a Monday Madness post this week (gee, nooo, they never noticed)!

I wanted to ramble on about how disgusted I am with these 'photoshopped' pictures that Hollywood puts out there but, I have not gotten all my thoughts and information together (hey the original name of this blog was bad blogger for a reason).

I can tell you that I am lining up the other topics for Monday's and they are coming along great.  For Marvelous Monday's I have a fun OOTD, which I may start doing all on it's own.  I'm trying to make at least one outfit for church each week (this is review on a YouTube video and a blog post, oh and I created the necklace).  If I am able to be consistent with making the weekly Sunday outfits I will add an OOTD blog to every Sunday.  The reason for Sunday is now that I am a stay at home mom I don't get out as much, at least not having to wear pressed and nicer rags outfits.  I do try to dress up a bit on Sunday to go the church.  I suppose I could still post it on another day, maybe a Thursday.  I like Thursday's don't you.  Ummmmm...  But for this month it'll just be on MM (Marvelous Monday) review.  For MIM (Make-It Monday) I'll show you the coolest new addition to my sewing room, yes, that slow progress just took one step forward again!  One day it will be complete and I can show you the whole room, or at least cleaner and more organized.  And finally MMM (Mystery Meat Monday) will be a recipe review on an old classic with a new updated twist.  It will sound crazy but I made it for someone at church and their family and she said it was a hit.  She even asked for the recipe and few weeks later.  So good things are coming for this month.  Just not mad ramblings to start you off with!

OH my word, I almost forget, my birthday is this weekend so I will share with you my birthday present.  It's a box from Stitch Fix.  I will share with you my experience with the service, the box I received, prices and of course my fun new items!!

Love and Shimmies,

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