Wednesday, March 12, 2014

ReFashion of Men's Shirt to Cute Skirt!

Refashion of Men's shirt to cute Skirt!

This will be the first installment on my new love of refashioning.  This was the very first refashion I did.  Not very savvy huh, but in doing this simple (although that the time not so simple, remember I was new to all this) it gave me the confidence and inspiration to try even more refashions!

And sewwwww, I set off the save the world's landfills of unwanted garments.  Stay tuned for more this will be at least monthly, every second Wednesday.  I already have a few lined up and schedule to post, woo-hoo!!

I saw this men's shirt at a flea market.


Once I saw the $1 price tag I feel in love with it, well at least the fabric.  

I had to have it!!  I had not clear idea of where I was going with it.  I was not only new to sewing garments at the time, but also completely new to refashion.

So I took my little prize home and decided on a skirt.  With no clear direction of what to do I started cutting and sewing.  

Until I ended up with this little diddy!  

Of course, I realize now it was very simple and not much to it.  But, at the time I felt like a million bucks and it did give me the inspiration to go on and try new things.  I've even taken an evening dress and made a belly dance hip scarf and bra (which I will post next).  I have even done that with a regular skirt set.

I now love thrifting to see what I can come up with next.  Even my friends bring me stuff because they believe I can see something out of any outfit.  I look forward to sharing and following others.

Thanks for reading my post!

Love and Shimmies, 

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