Tuesday, June 17, 2014

Missed it by that much...Monday

Monday, argh, Tuesday, rats, 'Missed it by that much chief!'

This blogging thing is serious business.  When things don't go right you gotta be prepared, you gotta have backups.

I have to admit, I am feeling some kind of way and have been for the last few months.  I have not studied, have not written speeches, have not cooked much, have not practiced my Zumba or Bellydance, and last but not least have not sewn...in weeks.  All of which I truly love! 

Major mental and emotional issues going on over here. 

If you'll just hang in there with me for a little longer, I promise to get my act together.   I must, this is not working for me!

Good news alert! Our beautiful and youngest daughter, Brianna, has volunteered to take over most of the OOTD tab on the blog.  Brianna is a young woman working hard to make her life move in the direction of her long time dream of becoming a fashion designer.  She has a great flare for putting stylish outfits together with great statement accessories and an amazing talent at mixing colors and different patterns together (she always has, even as a young scrapbooker I marveled at her ability to mix patterns, I never could [and still can't]).  I pretty much only dress to go out in public (outside of going to the mailbox, which does not require any sass or style) twice a week.  That's for a meeting and for church.  Which I hav'nt been dolling up for.  Hey don't judge me, I am a stay at home mom, there is no reason to doll up every day for a 16 year old.  I'm sure it won't help with convincing him to do his school work.  So, anywhooo, as a result I have neglected the OOTD tab (even more so than not consistently posting the weekly blog posts).

The two of us with work the natural hair tab together, with tips, techiques, product recipes, protective hairstyles, and hair product reviews (that'll be her, lol, I'm strictly a make my own hair products kind a girl...except for my backup which is Shea Moisture line).

I have decided in order to help me be more consistent at least, I have committed to posting a post every Monday as stated, no matter what.  Even if what I had planned to post doesn't work then I commit myself to posting how I honestly feel at the time of posting.  So that means I need to quickly get my act together, or openly admit things in my head that I don't generally speak out loud.  Good heavens, you may learn wayyyyyy more about me than you wanted to if that happened.

So, a few hours overdue but here it is chief.  Unfiltered and raw feelings!

Love and still Broken Shimmies,

P.S. Aren't IPads great, I stayed up to type this on my IPad! Okay, okay, yes I was on Facebook clicking other links for a minute, zeesh, cut me a little slack.  When was the last time you posted your raw feelings for the world to review and moc.

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