Monday, June 23, 2014

Monday Love


Is it Monday already?  O_o

Brianna and I have been trying to touch base all weekend but have missed each other at every end.  I will post her OOTD as soon as our paths connect.

Sooooooo, what's been on my heart today?  Excitement AND terror.  Due to this new program being offered by our church there is now a super affordable way to get a college degree, woohoo, right?  So, brace yourself, or at least I had to brace myself, I signed up at the information meeting Sunday night.  Now I have to wait for to see if enough people will sign up for the program between our two stakes.  We only need 15 people so I am sure that between the two we should be able to get it.  

I've been out of school a lonnnngggggggg time and remember very little from when I was there, high school nor college,sigh.  That's where the terror comes in.  Out of most of the certifications I've taken in the last few years I have had to take twice.  I just don't remember large amounts of information quickly.  My mother would say, "You've been out of school too long."  Bear in mind she was what I called a 'professional student'.  Always learning always growing.  Me?  I love learning new things but, not reading it all.  I love learning by doing, putting my hands on it.  I'm a visual learner and learn best by remembering quirky things like what color shirt the teacher had on that I didn't like when she said... or how a loud thunder clap echoed in the room when I was highlighting the answer to this question.   I just have a weird memory to locking information in.  Sigh, but the best thing I've learned about myself these last few years is that when I get an idea of 'oh, I wanna do that', I know no matter how terrified I am I am going to do EXACTLY that.  

So it's off to school I go, if it all works out with enough people.  The next step while waiting was to figure out what to take.  There are only a select few degrees being offered with on-line degrees through the church's school.  Since none were in the area of fitness and health, which I thought I'd be interested in persueing being that I have a primary group fitness instructor certification and all, bellydancer (although not much lately), it seemed a perfect fit.  However, that is not one of the programs being offered in this on-line opportunity right now.  So, narrowed it down after talking with dh to two.  Then one.  Since I have an Associates Degree in Applied Technology for Business Computer Programing, we decided it would be best for me to take the bachelor program (well, I figured if I was gonna do it it must be for bachelors degree) for Computer Information Technology. Ok, ummmmmmmmm, yeah.  LOL, well in for a penny in for a pound.  Especially since dh told his second club he was done because his wife would be going back to come this September.  Well, I am certainly committed now, lol. Yikes! 

Once it settled in I had to put in a little Balance Essential Oil, from my wonderful doTerra oils.  Ahhhh, fell much calmer.  

Nothing to do but wait now.

This posting what's going on is much easier than posting the intended Monday posts.  But, not as exciting to me as tutorial or recipes and certainly not as much as posting sewing reviews or how-to's.  So my assignment for the next week (you know before school starts, lol) I will have to get ahead of the game.  I need to line up the intended post weeks in advance so we have much more interesting posts to share and you have more interesting things to read about.

Sigh, better get busy then.

Love and shimmies, 

P.S.  Typing this from IPad so can't make all colorful and pretty.  Also, sorry if any misspelled words.

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