Tuesday, June 10, 2014

Yes It's a Brokenhearted Monday...

Hello Honey,

Yes I know it's Monday.  A crazy one it has been too.

My project for today is a miserable fail!  But, I am still working on it.  It's sooooo cute and I want to make it sooooo bad.  And when I do I will show it to you lovelies.

This coming Sunday I have to prepare lunch for our presidency, the wives and the missionaries in our branch so I will do a Mystery Meat Monday on the next Monday. Then the following Monday I will do a McCall pattern review, one of my favorites for this summer, you're gonna love 'em!  I have to make some in a few more colors.  The last Monday of the month I will review one of my marvelous Craftsy classes like I promised earlier this month.

There is so much to look forward to in July, it's our anniversary it will be 4 years since God showed me that he indeed knew better than I did, who I needed to spend the rest of my life and all of eternity with.  My husband is the kindest  most loving and sometimes enabling, lol, man that I know.  I will also be receiving my 2nd Stitch Fix box, of course I will do another review on my YouTube channel so you can see all the wonderful things they sent for my anniversary.  I can't wait, I am soooo stoked!

I guess I should mention some of the issues of why I did not post in May.  I had been kinda blue coming into May and most all of the month.  Don't know why, not sleeping much either, again.  May is also a hard month for me due to not having my own mother here to celebrate Mother's Day with.  My mother was murdered in 1994 by my father (step).  The brutal way in which in did so, in front of my 3 year old daughter, is hard enough to have to remember.  Then this May right after the Shimmy Mob weekend, which is on World Bellydance Day.  If you don't know about this it is an event where belly dancers around the world join together in one accord to raise funds for their local women and children shelters and raise awareness about domestic violence to the world.  If you didn't know, yes it is very much a problem in this world.  In addition to fund raising we all join together on the actual day and perform the same routine all over the world all wearing the same T-shirts and black pants.  It's a wonderful event.  Well, right after that weekend, while dealing with my own personal loss, I hear that one of my favorite YouTube guru, Tamisha E. Ridge, had been murdered in her home in the wee hours of the morning by an old boyfriend, father of one of her children who had stalked her for years, while she slept.  Again a woman I thought highly of as just a person was taken by some idiot in the dark, again children were losing a very important person in their lives.  I was just heartbroken for her, her children and the rest of her family.  I just didn't want to do anything, I was just at a loss and in pain.  My own pain and in pain for her family, for her young children.  Their mother, gone, just gone...  It aches my heart still to even think about.

I miss my mother. I miss her golden smile, I miss Meesha's happy go lucky smile, I miss my mother's little sayings, "There's more than one way to skin a cat", I miss Meesha's little sayings, "This is super easy you guys".  I miss how they both would help anyone they could.  They were both giving loving women with wonderful futures ahead of them.  Both murdered as they attempted to get on with their lives.  Both having just moved into new homes and beginning new lives.  I miss them both.  My mother I will always have in my heart and pictures, Meesha I will always have in my heart and hopefully her YouTube channel will remain.  I know that her FaceBook page will remain thanks to the fact that she had placed administrators on the site to help her before this hideous crime against her.  It has had a name change and we all want very much to stay connected to her.  Be aware as you surf the net that if you notice a lot of #MeeshaTaughtMe posts please know that this is not some small way to boost someone's business but it's a love and connection shared by many of this wonderful sewing teacher, mentor, designer, mother, daughter, friend, kindhearted, and loving young woman who is being missed by those whose lives she has touched around the world (this is not an exaggeration I assure you).  We love her, we miss her... although we can not ask her for her help anymore, remember, "Never throw away your scraps!"    

I just wanna add ladies (although rare, and gentlemen) if you are in an abusive relation just understand there is one thing you need to do - 'GET OUT'! Once you are out CUT ALL CONTACT.  You don't owe him (her) a darn thing.  You don't have to be nice to someone who is physically not nice to you.  All above all else, GET THE HECK OUT.  Don't wait TO BE CARRIED OUT IN A BLACK BAG! PLEASE, I BEG YOU, GET OUT AND STAY OUT!!  Don't continue to date the same kind of man again and again, because one of them is going to snap.  It you can't do it for yourself do it for your children, for your family, heck for the dog.  I don't care who, just do it!!  If you are not the one being abused then pay attention to the women you love, reach out to her, and above all believe her, HELP HER, GET HER OUT!!

I guess I'm starting to ramble as the tears are starting to flow so I will end with this, ladies know that God loves you.  You are his beautiful daughter and he DID NOT create you for some idiot to beat you down physically, mentally, nor emotionally.  Love yourself enough to know that, because that man that's beating you never will.

Love and broken Shimmies,

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