Friday, April 15, 2016

Just a Smile It's Friday Post!


It's here, Friday is here!  Unfortunately, I am not a participant in Color Play Friday today.  But, in keeping with some consistency I decided to go ahead and make a Friday post.  If you've visited the blog before you will immediately notice a change in the theme and tab layouts.

I decided it was really time for a new look.  I had been fighting the urge to do it.  This week it got the best of me.  I had to choose a new theme.  Which also lead me to the things I wanted to cover on the blog and how easy I wanted it to be to find what you are looking forward when searching for past post.  So you can see there are new tabs and an updated description at the top.

I like to write post as they are happening, but find that isn't always feasible.  So I will be working more on the scheduling of posts.  You'll notice in the updated note that not all the post topics will be due weekly, only Mondays and Fridays.  One of the Monday's has also been changed.  No longer will I do Monday Madness, that has now been changed to Monday Mock-Up.  Other posts are only biweekly, some monthly and two will post randomly as they occur.  I think I'll make up a little calendar to have permanently posted so it will be easy to see the schedule in the beginning.   I also have each topic labeled so you will be able to find it under it's tab.  If it's Monday of course all the Monday's will be on Monday tab, you can click on any specific label in Labels section in the side bar or use the search engine.  I think this will make it much easier to navigate around the site.

Here's a fun picture to leave you with, it is one of our little chicks.  She's the brave, daring and sassy one.  Her name is Miss Pearl.  She knew I was standing there in the room and then heard me talking to them.  I reach down to touch her but did not pick her up.  When I took my hand out she jumped on top of feeder and then up to the top of the board to try to get to me.  Yes, she is going to be quite a handful, LOL.  But I hope this little picture makes you smile as much as it made me smile.

And here is the whole crew together after some loving and a lunch.  Ahhh, yes, perfect naptime.

I hope you are having a great start to your weekend and I look forward to seeing you around in shimmy and more space!

Love and Shimmies,

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