Friday, October 23, 2015

Color Play Friday: The Vault

Good Morning Hon,

T.G.I.F.  Thank Goodness It's Friday, happy dance, happy dance.

This should have been a restful weekend, after school deadlines of course.  But this weekend is Toastmasters conference.  Sigh, no rest after all.  But I only do those things that I enjoy (yeah, even school, for the most part, on a good day, yeahhhhhh).

Well, I do get to play a bit while joining Trina and Lorinda for Color Play Fridayyy (in my best Ed McMann voice).  Don't know what #colorplayfriday is all about, that's okay.  I'll cut you some slack.  As you work your way back here every week you'll be as excited as I am.  You know  quilters/sewers love ANY reason to play with fabric.  So, to briefly bring you up to speed, each week Trina over at In An Otter Life or Lorinda over at Laurel and Pine choose a picture from their shared Pinterest Color Play Friday board.  We each create a color palette for said picture.  But wait, there's more!  We get to go window shopping (that's what my grandma called it) for fabrics using our color palettes.  Of course, you can also use any fabric you may already have.  I just find it exciting to have another reason to drool over fabric I don't own, yet.  After we have chosen our fabric, we blog about it.  I stand amazed at how we each see or feel something different about the same picture.  These ladies have been doing this for a while.  They extended an invitation to others to join them.  It sounded like a fun time so I quickly hopped on board.  Now, you've been briefed, let's go check out everyone's Color Play Friday.  Since you're already here I'll go ahead and show you mine.

This week's picture had my feeling very soft and sultry and just a bit sassy.  Welllll, you know Friday's are date night.  I imagined the hubby and I taking a long stroll in some quaint little village in some romantic part of the world.  I'm wearing a long Stephsgotit original flowing full maxi shirt that's swaying in the soft evening breezes.  Hand in hand we walk trough the village streets ducking in and out of the most charming little quilt shops.  Finally, resting for a little dinner of comfort food, my honey LOVES pasta (that's practically all he had in the pantry when we got married).  As we sit here on the balcony, with the wind blowing in our hair, trying to keep my skirt from blowing up into the wind while sipping on a glass of sparkling grape juice we wait for the evening sun to set before us.  Ahh, this is the life.  I mean that would be the life.

Now that you have that lovely picture in mind and as we all begin to drool over some fabulous little village on the other side of the world, let me show you my color palette and fabric choices for the Vault:

You can find all these wonderful fabrics at the links below:

Blue Variety by Jo Morton 
for Andover Fabrics at Hamless Fabrics 

Mojito Deity Eden from Tula Pink's Eden fabric line 
for Westminster at Keepsake Quilting 

Turquoise by Valori Wells from In The Bloom Knit  

 Tonga Carnivale - Poppy Tonga from Carnivale Batik Collection 
by Timeless Treasures at Rossville Quilts 

Fusions® Bloom - Black

Red Dahlia Lord & Lady Fabric 
(Downton Abbey inspired)

Ummmm, next week I think I need to get out of my comfort zone more.  I also like brighter colors and multicolor fabric (though I've been somewhat into the earthy tones all my #ColorPlayFriday's).  I should definitely break the barrier and try a little sassy and punk next week, LOL.  This is such a great learning experience for me.  Who knew Friday's were not just for fun, but for learning more about myself, more about experimenting with colors and patterns, more about color values and much more.  Wow, I'm like all tingly inside.  Tee-hee, only a quilter.  

That's it for now lovies, I'll see you on the flip side, of Monday that is.  Don't forget Marvelous Monday darling.  I'm so stoked about how these worked out for me and how they can work for you to!

Love and Shimmies, 


  1. Oh, Steph, Your palette is GORGEOUS! I love all your jewel tones. I got that same feeling from Trina's picture..... relaxing, comfort food, spending time with your sweetie... Thanks for joining us again, isn't Color Play Friday a blast?!

    1. Thanks Lorinda. I am loving CPF''s and enjoying putting thought into the palattes.

  2. I love how both of you were able to work the sky blue in...I'm a bit peanut butter and jealous about that. :)
    I'm glad you joined as well Steph. It's so much fun seeing each other's styles.

    1. Thank you both for the invite. It has become my highlight of the week.