Tuesday, October 6, 2015

Monday Madness

Hello Loves,

"It's just another Manic Monday, ooohhh oooohhhh...."

Well, things did not go off as planned for Monday but that's okay.  The important part is just to keep moving, right?

What's Madness today ~ LIFE!  Ugh!  But there are some cool things going on as well.  Oh, in case you didn't remember today is Monday Madnessssssssssss.   This topic has no main point but rather a time to share with you some of the things going on and maybe a peek into what will be posting the rest of the month.  

A new love is Periscope, I am simply loving this social media outlet.  If you have not heard of it it's a app that you download for your mobile device, and of course your IPad.  Think YouTube, but shorter and unscripted.  Also, you can communicate with your viewers via chat box.  This is a big thing, your viewers not only get to watch you but they can reach out to you with questions and ideas instantly are you can respond instantly.  Oh my word the things that are broadcasted are amazing.  People share all types of interests.  I am following people who are quilters, sewers, exercise buffs, foodies, social media wizzies (is that a word, I am referring to those who are social media buffs) and sooooo much more.  If you have not had the opportunity to check it out please do so.  My handle is @stephsgotit, actually you can find me on any social media as 'stephsgotit', as well as emails.  Except Twitter, some other chick is 'StephsgotIT' (I assume she works in the IT department), apparently she does not know I have coined and used that handle for everything forever!  On Twitter I am stephsgotitD AND Genoubee (my bellydancer name).  

I post at least every Sunday on Periscope.  I am participating in a hop, it's #SGS Sunday Goal Setting.  This is where we broadcast live our report on the status of the goals we talked about the week before and then give our goals for the next week.  It's like having a large accountability group!  I love that and plan to do it even if no ones watches it.  It really helps to hold me accountable knowing I have to report back to others.  I also participated in a hop for honest sewing room.  I was super nervous, but am learning to be more calmer.  Shhhh, I also make sure to used my doTerra Balance essential oil on my wrist & behind the ears and then Citrus Bliss or Balance in my diffuser to help calm my nervous jitters.  Lastly, the little broadcasts, did I mention they are LIVE, only stay up for 24 hours.  If you are not able to watch the broadcasts while they are live you have 24 hours to catch the replay before it disappears.  I am researching on some of the ways to copy the video to display permanently.  

Another hop I am staring this week is #ColorPlayFriday.  Two great bloggers that I follow on Periscope are doing this and have extended an invitation to any of their followers who want to join them.  Each week Trina at In An Otter Life (don't you just love that handle) or Lorinda at Laurel and Pine (unique as well) choose a picture from a Pinterest board where they have placed some of their pictures.  By Friday each person is responsible for creating a color palette and choosing fabric based on that palette.  Since they have opened it to their followers they have also opened it to whatever creative medium that you use, fabric, scrapbook paper, yarn, etc...  Even though I have all of them I am going to use fabric.  Lorinda also challenge us to make something with that palette and do a show and tell.  It's not required, but it's a nice idea to do something with the fabrics that we choose.  

And of course, there is still school. That was one of #SGS in my first broadcast, to create a more consistent school schedule so I could get some time to quilt and sew some fabulous clothes for Marvelous Monday's.  

Last Week' Goals:
  1. Consistent Study Schedule
  2. Start on my Farmers Wife 1930 Quilting Sew-Along
  3. Finish my Postage Stamp mini quilt for the Crafty Gemini Quilt Club
  4. Get the shipping cost for the extra pieces for the Elim Nativity set I sold this month (remember you too can own one of these sets, information here and 2 posts prior to this one)
  5. Send out the invitation emails for our annual Nativity event at church 
How did I do?  decent, but still more work to be done.  

This Sunday's #SGS:
  1. Make a dress or top & skirt for my son's military retirement event
  2. Complete Blog entries and set up scheduler, since I know I have number 1 and Toastmaster's conference coming up
  3. Get to post office and weigh that set (last weeks uncompleted), mail some hand made get well cards and thank you card
  4. Work on my palette for #ColorPlayFriday 
  5. Work on a speech for Toastmasters
  6. Check on the grands and progress of my son's school work, it's all on-line and it does all the grading, tells you how long he was on, what section, everthing.  But I have to monitor him, he's not very good as self study yet
Wanna know how well I did, check me out Sunday's on Periscope @stephsgotit.  Of course, you can also check back here on Monday's.  I'll add it to whatever the Monday post is.  

Well, that's the Madness for today hon.  Thank you so much for stopping by, feel free to hold me accountable to anything mentioned above, lol.  If you need an accountability partner let me know, I'd be glad to hound you about completing something.  

Love and Shimmies,

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