Friday, November 20, 2015

Color Play Friday - Gummy Bears

Hello Loves,

It's finally Friday, now the weekend can officially begin.  And so will my overbooked life for the next 3 weeks as we get ready for our annual nativity event.  Andddddd I'm supposed to do this while doing school, scouts, blog, sew, quilt, play instruments for the nativity, corral host/hostess and all with a smile while having dinner with family and of course there's Christmas (which generally is my favorite time of year, having nothing to do with presents).  Yep, gonna be a great 3 weeks.

Lucky me, I get the pleasure of joining Trina at In An Otter Life and Lorinda at Laurel and Pine by participating in Color Play Friday.  I am so thankful for their open invitation for others to join the fun.  If you want to know what guidelines we use you can find our HERE.

This week's picture is so yummy.  I mean really, who doesn't love Gummy Bears.  I simply can't resist them.  Of course, just like Starburst I only want certain flavors, lol.  I love strawberry, watermelon, and apple, but my all time favorite is pineapple.   Yummmmm!  I also love the translucent colors of gummy bears.  They make me happy on so many levels.  Not to mention FAT FREE, helloooo!  How many yummy treats can you think of that are fat free (FYI: York Peppermint Patties, Twizzlers, Laffy Taffy, just a few).   Make that fat free and delicious.

Let's get started.  Outside of getting my steps in the Work Week Hustle for our FitBit challenge, this is my weekly highlight.  By the way if you want to join or start some competitions to get you going join me on FitBit.  As always, I am "stephsgotit"

This week Lorinda chose a photo that belongs to Trina.   It's my pleasure to present you with a color palette for Gummy Worms (sorry I don't have any actual gummies to share with you):

Oh, a bit of a warning, after I found the first fabric I was convinced this quilt had to be all in 1800's reproduction fabrics.  Wow, that was an all new fun adventure!  Then at the end of the palette you'll see I had another crazy thought that I had to have that fabric in the palette as well.  Ahh, the joys of a mind in total chaos.

You can find these 1800's reproductions here:

Georgetown Collection
By Judie Rothermel
For Marcus Brothers Fabrics

Gathering Basket Collection
By Kim Diehl
For Henry Glass Fabrics

By Molly B's Studio
For Marcus Fabrics 

By Nancy Rink
For Marcus Fabrics

By Jo Morton
For Andover Fabrics 

Lost & Found Christmas Collection
For Riley Blake Designs
By My Mind's Eye

I even found this whimsy little reproduction I'd love to use as a backer and a sweet reminder of a time long gone.  

By Nancy Gere
For Windham Fabrics

There you have it my darlings.  Be sure to head on over to Trina at In An Otter Life and Lorinda at Laurel and Pine to check out their cool color palettes.  It's always so interested to see what colors spoke to each of us and how we each see the palette.  It's just a much fun checking out each other's palettes as it is doing the palettes.

Sooo, are you curious about next Friday's picture?  Brrrr, better button up first!

Here it is, you know, in case you want to join us.  (Don't forget to contact one of the ladies and let them know so your link can be included).

Ohhh, this is going to be interesting.

Love and Shimmies,

UPDATED NOTE: Thank you so much for stopping by.  I should be back up and running at full schedule by the second week of December.  I will be able to breath halfway normal by then.   Steph!

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