Friday, November 6, 2015

Color Play Friday: Pike Place Market

It's finally Friday, woo-hoo!

Hello Hon,

It's here, it's here!  FRIDAY and with Friday comes Color Play Friday!

Although I have been nursing a migraine all this week, I couldn't wait to dive into #ColorPlayFriday to express how I was truly feeling inside.  I love the upcoming holidays and wanted to feel ready to just jump in, but between the migraine and school, it just wasn't happening.  Anyhoo, I get to live how I feel in colors.   Lots of bright fun colors.

If you are not familiar with Color Play Friday (as I gasp in disbelief), here are the rules that we follow:

  1. Each week, Trina or Lorinda will select a picture from their joint Pinterest board. These are all pictures that one of them has taken on their adventures.
  2. We each create a palette using colors from that picture
  3. We then create a bundle of 5-8 fabrics that are inspired by that palette. They don’t have to be an exact match to our palette, and we can throw in contrasting or accent colors, but the bundle should look inspired by the palette.
  4. We don’t see the other person’s palette or bundle before we each post on Friday.
That’s it! It’s going to be so fun to see what we each come up with.

Be sure to check out Lorinda at Laurel and Pine and Trina at In An Otter Life

If you would like to participate be sure to use #colorplayfriday in social media and you can also email Trina a link to your blog so we can include your posts. (  Next week’s festive photo is going to be at the end of this blog.

There you go!

I am excited, as always, about my palette (except that first one, lol).   I found the picture engaging.  The picture is Trina's and I'm sure she has an interesting story to go with it.  But, earlier I was watching Lorinda on Periscope and she told this hilariously embarrassing situation that she and her husband had experienced in that same location.  That's all I kept thinking of as I was finishing up my post.  So of course that left me so tickled that I wanted all my palette choices to be light, whimsical, childlike and well, funny.  I wanted to look at this palette with a different kind of smile.  Not just the giddy smile from drooling over awesome fabric, but also a smile because I was just tickled thinking about the possibilities with it.

So I now present to you this tickle inspired color palette, at Lorinda and her husbands expense.  Sorry about that hon, but I couldn't help it.  This color palette goes out to all the mom's of the world pushing their strollers and all the broken horn owners who nearly die of embarrassment.

Picture, color palette and fabric choices for - Pike Place Market:

Where these little whimsies can be found (be sure to click on the links to get the full effect of the pictures, here they are shrunk down to match the color palette):

Tonal Royal Blue from Junior Pilots Collection
Exclusively Quilters (apparently there is s flaw somewhere)

Canterbury- Dust Fabric from World Tour Quilting Weight Collection
By Parson Gray (moniker for David Butler)
For Free Spirit Fabrics

SweetOwlies – Peach from Les Amis Collection
By Patty Sloniger
For Michael Miller

 Poise – Brown from Flea Market Fancy Collection
By Denyse Schmidt
For Free Spirit

 Swirls – Black from Quilter’s Candy Prints Collection
By Connecting Threads

Royal from Bella Solids, Superman Fabric Collection
By Moda Fabrics

 HappyGo Lucky – Leaf from Emma’s Garden Collection
By Patty Sloniger
For Michael Miller

To add a little more fun this week I thought I would throw in my choices for backing fabric.  I absolutely love this 

Address Book - Vanilla from Road 15 Collection 
By Sweetwater 
For Moda (ooh, my favorite) 

I thought I would also mix that up some how with this:

Star Crossed - Blacklight from Katagami Collection
By Parson Gray (I just discovered him but, I'm really falling in love with his work)
For Free Spirit

This is so cool/  FYI- Katagami is the art of stencil dyeing on kimono or yukata fabric, this method is called katazome.  

So that my deary is it for the weekend.  I hope you enjoyed looking at the wonderful palettes as much as I, from my sick bed, enjoyed doing it.  Please go check out Lorinda and Trina's palettes.  I can't wait to see how they differ and if any are the same.  

Here's next weeks picture if you'd like to join us. 

Have a wonderful weekend hon.  I'll see you Monday for Mystery Meat Monday.  One of our favorite little quick and yummy treat recipe to take to all of our families, friends, and co-workers.  This is especially good for every holiday potluck at work, school, or church.

Love and Shimmies,


  1. Lorinda's story is funny every time I've heard it. I've now had the privilege of hearing it twice. :)

    I love your fun animal picks! I haven't seen Lorinda's post yet, I clicked on yours first, but I love how you two are able to add the bold pops of color. When I'm picking out fabrics in person I seem to be able to do that okay-ish, but trying to pull the green out of the photo, for me, was like pulling a tooth! Apparently I'm stuck like glue when it comes to my purples. I didn't even know that was a thing for me!

  2. Hi Trina,

    I'm really pushing myself to be more free and open with colors. When I pick actual fabric I tend to get reeled into regal and earthy colors. I was to working on being able to also do 'pops of color', so I'm glad you could spot them. I loved your purple/pinkish hues in your palette, I didn't even pick up on them.

  3. Oh my gosh, Steph! I was at a conference on Friday and only got to take a quick look at your palette without reading the whole post. Now that I've read it, I can't wipe the smile off my face! I'm glad my embarrassing story we a source of inspiration for you, because your palette is amazing!!!