Friday, November 13, 2015

Color Play Friday: Kla Ha Ya Day

Good Morning Hon,

Happy  Friday, doing the happy dance.

It has been such a long week.  I am glad to see the weekend, not that I'll get much rest.  We're putting together our annual nativity display and I have to schedule all the host/hostesses for those 5 days.  So I'm going to be emailing and texting like a busy little bee trying to finish that up.  And school, ugh.

We'll let's get to it.  Color Play Friday!  If you want to see how it works you can get all the details here.  These are the guidelines that Lorinda, Trina and I follow each week.  Interested in joining us, see here.

This week's picture is so awesome.  Yeah, awesomely sick, lol.  All I can think of is that one family vacation we went to Sea World and the other theme park new there in Florida.  I let my roller coaster loving son and husband talk me into joining them on a not so bad roller coaster.  There is no such thing.  When I tell you they had to almost carry me out.  I could  not feel me legs, it felt like my lungs we in my mouth and my brain was in my pants.  Oh, did I mention I do not like theme park rides.  Roller coasters make me ill, very ILL.  I spent the entire day laying on the park bench sick and asleep while my son and husband went from ride to ride, having a blast I might add.  Don't worry, I insisted they go have fun.  It gave me the opportunity to rest and sleep while my brain worked it's way back up into my head, sssshhhhhhhhhh don't tell them that part.  And for the price of those tickets somebody was going to have some fun.  Let me tell you I was sick from that one ride for the rest of that vacation.  Worst yet, I felt the effects for weeks after arriving back home, my whole equilibrium was off.  Trust me when I say NEVER again, EVER!!

So what brought back this lovely memory.  This picture chosen by Lorinda, the picture is great and looks like a blast.  LOOKS like.  I'm sure her family, as mine, loved it and had the best time.  I can tell you I had the best time choosing my color palette.

I present to you the picture and my color palette for Kla Ha Ya Day:

You can find these awesome fabrics here:

It's a Girl Thing Collection
By Michael Miller

Krystal Collection
By Michael Miller

By Ed Emberley
for Cloud 9 Fabrics

Glitz Collection
By Michael Miller

Camp Peanuts Collection  and Peanuts By Charles M. Schultz Collection
Designed by Peanuts Worldwide LLC for Quilting Treasures

Sugar House Collection.

By Ann Kelle
for Robert Kaufman

Then I was done, until.....  I saw this wonderful fabric.  I felt (literally) like it captured how I felt and the essence of Lorinda's picture choice.  I knew it would be an awesome backing fabric and then fold it over to the front for this kind of psychedelic binding that matches the mood.  Can you say completely WILD, I know.  I soooooo love Color Play Friday, I truly get to play with colors! Awesome sauce!!

You can find the eye catching fabric at:

Bright Idea Collection

by Benartex Fabrics

J Kanvas Studio

Now head on over to see the palettes for Trina at In An Otter Life and Lorinda at Laural and Pine.  I'll come back and post next week's picture when I find out what it is.  Just in case you want a little preview peek.  Who doesn't love a sneak peek.

Have a great weekend.  See you for Make-It-Monday!  Oh, you can check out all of my previous palettes HERE.

Love and Shimmies,


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  1. Nice colors! I really love the way they look together. It is lovely combination for house decoration! Thanks.